CAST Member Listing

CAST Membership Listing

Members of Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST) are recognized as leaders in the industry and work to identify and leverage industry trends to benefit all industry stakeholders.




Chris Portelli-Hale, Chair
Operational Programs Director, Front-End Manufacturing & Technology R&D
ST Microelectronics

Chris Portelli-Hale

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Paul Trio






Octavio Martinez, Vice Chair
Senior Director, Engineering



  Brian Buras
Senior Staff Consultant
Brian Buras CAST
  Greg Lewis
Director of Sales & Operations
ISE Labs | ASE Group
  Steven McDowall
VP Engineering/Chief Software Architect
Galaxy Semiconductor
Steven McDowall CAST
  Wes Smith
VP Advanced Technology
Galaxy Semiconductor
Wes Smith CAST
  Phil Nigh
Senior Technical Staff
Phil Nigh CAST
  Ron Leckie
Ron Leckie CAST
maxim integrated  Brent Herzog
Principal Member of Tehcnial Staff, Test Technology Software 




maxim integrated  Jason Theos
Test Technology Engineering and Software/R&D Technology Integration
maxim integrated
  Keith Arnold
VP Product Management
Keith Arnold CAST
  Arik Peltz
Team Manager
Online Solutions
Arik Peltz CAST
PDF Solutions  

Ken Harris
Director of Product Management
PDF Solutions





Mark Roos
Roos Instruments, Inc.

Mark Roos CAST

TERADYNE  Keith Thomas
TAG Central Engineering Manager
Teradyne Inc
  Jan Altiveros
Director and General Manager
Tesec Incorporated
Jan Altiveros CAST

Brian Bogie
Senior Director Product Marketing
Xcerra Corporation

Brian Bogie CAST

  Bill Fritzsche
Member Technical Staff
Xcerra Corporation
Brian Fritzsche CAST
  Peter Cockburn
Senior Product Manager - Test Cell Innovation
Xcerra Corporation