CAST 2018 Workshop

Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST) presents:

2018 Workshop — Improving Test Data Communication

Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018
Location: SEMI Headquarters, 673 South Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, California


The semiconductor test community faces increasingly stringent performance, quality and reliability targets, particularly in the high-stakes automotive, communications, and medical sectors. Test data is critical in helping mitigate failure risks, but it is equally important that the data itself is consumable and readily accessible.

The SEMI Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST) Technology Community has been working to address these test data communication challenges through its RITdb, TEMS, and Chip ID & Traceability activities. The CAST 2018 Workshop – Improving Test Data Communication – will feature talks on these industry-driven efforts as well as case-studies demonstrating potential benefits and lessons-learned from the user community.

What is RITdb?  Rich Interactive Test Database (RITdb) is the next-generation format following STDF (Standard Test Data Format) allowing more flexibility in data types and support for adaptive test. This work aims to provide a standards-driven data environment for semiconductor test including simple standards-based data capture, transport and relationship model for eTest, probe, and final test data. It also seeks to support equipment configuration management and operational performance data. More importantly, RITdb enables a real-time streaming model that provides the ability to collect and monitor data/systems from sand to landfill.

What is TEMS?  Tester Event Messaging for Semiconductors (TEMS) is the development of a standardized ATE data messaging system based on industry-standard internet communication protocols between a test cell host and a server. The standard will be limited to ATE data messaging, using RITdb entity types as applicable, standard data format, and control requirements. It defines a standardized, vendor-neutral way to collect test cell data while having no impact on other test communication interfaces such as those involving handlers, probers, test instrumentation, and other systems.

What is Chip ID & Traceability?  As one of the topics emerging from the CAST 2017 Workshop on Component System-Level Test (SLT), mapping SLT failures back to the ATE production tests is a big, labor-intensive challenge. The proposed standard defines the use of a simple, unique identifier that IC suppliers and board-level manufacturers can use to communicate about a specific device for the purposes of performance or failure analysis. The identifier will enable suppliers and customers to communicate specific component information and, with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) in place, send manufacturing data back and forward through the supply chain for data analysis.

Please mark your calendars for this one-day event which promises to give attendees the opportunity to learn more about these ATE initiatives.  For test industry professionsals who have previously attended CAST workshops, the RITdb, TEMS, and Chip ID Working Group members will give an update on their progress. Early adopters will also share their working examples to highlight the potential benefits of these efforts.

Who Should Attend

Participants are encouraged to attend this event if they have active involvement or are planning for increased and smarter data management feeding into and out of test operations.  This includes IDMs, Fabless, Foundries, OSATs, equipment suppliers, ATE vendors, software solution providers.


7:30 am Registration & Breakfast  
8:00 am Welcome & Introductions Chris Portelli, STMicroelectronics and
Mark Roos, Roos Instruments
8:15 am Overview of the RITdb Project
  • Objectives
  • Data & Processing Models
  • Current Targets & Status
 Mark Roos
Roos Instruments
9:00 am RITdb Case Study #1 speaker to be announced
10:00 am Coffee Break  
10:15 am Overview of the TEMS Project
  • Objectives & Status
  • TEMS Communication: DAS-Tester
 Keith Thomas
11:00 am TEMS Case Study #1 speaker to be announced
12:00 noon Lunch  
12:45 pm Overview of the Chip ID & Traceability Activity
  • Objectives & Standardization
  • Overview of SEMI Draft Document 6450
 Dave Huntley
PDF Solutions
2:00 pm Track Sessions
  • Track 1: RITdb Case Study #2
  • Track 2: TEMS Case Study #2
  • Trace 3: Single Device Traceability Task Force Meeting
3:00 pm Next Steps, New Topics for CAST  
3:30 pm Workshop Conclusion, Networking  

Questions on the program? 
Paul Trio


CAST (Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test) is a SEMI Special Interest Group (SIG). SEMI SIGs provide a forum that fosters discussion and aligns stakeholders on industry-critical issues. CAST was formed in 2008 by semiconductor device makers and test industry suppliers to engage in and resolve common industry issues related to higher test equipment utilization, lower costs, and greater return on investment. In 2009, CAST became a SEMI Special Interest Group. Its charter includes fostering pre-competitive collaboration as well as developing and promoting standards that enable industry productivity improvements.