CAST-10-06-09.STDF WG Summary

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Summary STDF Workgroup

Date: October 6, 2009
Venue: SEMI Headquarters


Glen Plowman - Qualcomm
Christopher Suzor – Synopsys
Bill Fritsche – LTX-Credence
Alex Tsodikov – Tsodik
William Chui – Intel
Bill Price – T2C2
John Rowe – Independent
Ajay Khoche - Independent

- Welcome and Introductions
- Working Group Status
- STDF ownership update
- New Directions

Scan WG update.

  • Deployment efforts underway
    • Currently supported by Verigy
    • Teradyne plans to support from Version 8.0
    • Others waiting for customer pull
  • STDFNavigator status
    • Rights to the tool secured from Verigy
    • The tool will still be available free of charge from our website.
    • The tools is currently is use at several customers for internal flow evaluations.
  • Memory WG
    • Memory WG is now part of SEMI-CAST
    • The group has finished the discussions on the format contents.
    • The WG is working towards a ballot under SEMI./CAST
  • STDF Ownership update
    • WG and SEMI are working on transfer of ownership of STDF from Teradyne to SEMI.
    • Teradyne has agreed in principle on the transfer and is currently looking into transfer details.
    • A sponsorship model is under investigation by SEMI and the WG to keep the standard free for the community.
  • New Directions
    • With the move to SEMI/CAST the group is solicting ideas for further extension to STDF.
    • The input will be reviewed for interest in the community to chart out future plans. No commitments on any of the directions are made.
    • Some of the directions proposed are
    • Extension for Adaptive test
    • Extension to datalog from board test
    • Fixes to V4 shortcomings


  • STDF Navigator:
    • A non-GUI mode of STDF navigator that can be made a part of regression suite would be useful.
    • STDF Standard.
    • Make more fields in the STDF as mandatory to reduce the variation among the STDF compliant files.
    • Standard should facilitate and not restrict the technology evolution as Industry keeps evolving.
    • Providing a top level schema that describes the usage of optional fields in STDF file from a user would be a useful concept to deal with the variation in STDF option field usage which leads to use and abuse.
    • Overloading a field due to fixed field specification causes confusion.
    • New Directions
    • Technology typically moves faster than the standards, so it will be a moving target
    • Adaptive testing requirements on standards are not understood yet.
      • Other case groups should take the ownership of collecting the requirement before this group can look into possible extensions.