Canek Fuentes-Hernandez - Low-Power Wearable Sensors

Session 5: Health Monitors

Low-Power Wearable Sensors Enabled by Large-Area Flexible Organic Photodiodes
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
9:05 AM - 9:25 AM

Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensors can be used to monitor breathing activity, hypo and hypervolemia and several circulatory conditions. Wearable PPG sensors with reduced power consumption and motion artifacts are highly desirable but challenging to realize with rigid optoelectronic components. Organic photodiodes (PDs), as compared to Si-PDs, provide a unique opportunity to overcome these challenges. Here we report on the realization of large-area (up to 1.5 cm2) flexible organic photodiodes with dark current values smaller than 500 pA/cm2 and responsivity values larger than 0.2 A/W. This performance is comparable to that of small area (0.05 cm2) Si-PDs. Using flexible organic-PDs, we demonstrate the realization of a flexible PPG sensor and present an analysis of its performance using novel sensor architectures enabled by these flexible organic-PDs.


Speaker's Biography

Born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, Dr. Canek Fuentes-Hernandez received a bachelor’s degree in physics at the Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México in 1998. He earned a PhD degree from the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona in 2004 and in 2005 joined the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he continues to work as a Senior Research Scientist. Over his career, he has published one book chapter, 24 conference proceedings and 85 peer-reviewed publications that have received over 3500 citations (h-index of 29). He has been granted 4 US patents. His research focuses on studying optical and electrical properties of materials for thin-film optoelectronic and microelectronic devices, as well as their physics and engineering. His current interests span multiple areas of flexible printed electronics including organic-based photodetectors, solar cells, light-emitting diodes, thin film transistors, radiation and chemical sensors. He is particularly interested in the development of printed electronics on non-conventional and sustainable substrates, including paper, elastomers and shape-memory polymers. He is also interested in translational research for biomedical and security applications.


Canek Fuentes-Hernandez
Senior Research Scientist
Georgia Institute of Technology