Call for Nominations for SEMI Europe Standards Awards 2018

Call for Nominations for SEMI Europe Standards Awards 2018


The SEMI Europe Standards Awards will be presented during SEMICON Europa (November 13-16, 2018) in Munich, Germany. Award winners will be recognized for their contribution to the industry and the SEMI International Standards program. This is SEMI Europe’s chance to officially recognize standards volunteers for their extraordinary contributions to the industry through the development of standards.

Please help us in honoring these outstanding individuals by submitting your nominations!

Award winners will be recognized for their contribution to the SEMI International Standards program in any one of the five following categories Merit Award, Honor Award, Leadership Award, Standards Corporate Membership Award, and International Collaboration Award.  For award descriptions, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Nomination Format:

To nominate an individual (you may make multiple nominations if applicable), please send the below information to James Amano: by October 24, 2018.

Nominee Name:
Award Category: Select one (Merit, Honor, Leadership, Corporate, Collaboration)
Reason for Nomination:

We thank you in advance for your participation in nominating the 2018 SEMI Europe Standards Awards winners.



  • Astrid Gettel, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, International Collaboration Award 2017
  • Jan Rothe, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, International Collaboration Award 2017
  • Arnd Weber, SiCrystal, Merit Award 2017
  • Marty Burkhart, HiPureTec, Leadership Award 2014
  • Ulrich Kretzer, Freiburger Compound Materials GmbH & Hans Christian Alt, University of Munich, Merit Award 2014
  • Gordon Ferrier, Gordon Ferrier Consulting, Honor Award, 2014
  • Jean-Marie Collard, Solvay, International Collaboration Award 2014
  • Hubert Aulich, Solar Valley, and Laszlo Fabry, Leadership Award 2012
  • Martin Zenning, Merit Award 2012
  • Eberhard Teichmann, PEER Group, Leadership Award 2012
  • Christian Prischmann, Ulbrich, Leadership Award 2011
  • Roland Bindemann, Freiberger Compound Materials, Honor Award 2010
  • Paul Williams, Leadership Award 2010
  • Jan Rothe, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, International Collaboration Award 2009
  • Jean-Marie Collard, Solvay, Leadership Award 2009
  • Wolfgang Sievert, Honeywell, Honor Award 2009
  • PV Equipment Integration Specification Task Force, Merit Award 2009
  • Roy Blunt, IQE, Honor Award 2008
  • Andy Longford, PandA, Honor Award 2005
  • Arnd-Dietrich Weber, SiCrystal, Merit Award 2004
  • Noel Poduje, ADE, International Collaboration Award 2004
  • Rik Jonckheere, IMEC, International Collaboration Award 2003
  • Gerd Limmer, Siemens, Merit Award 2003
  • Wolfgang Jantz, Fraunhofer IAF, Leadership Award 2003
  • Juergen Bierhals, Messer Griessheim, Honor Award 2002
  • Peter Wagner, Wacker Siltronic, International Collaboration Award 2002
  • Bob Scace, Klaros Corporation, Honor Award 2001
  • Alfred Honold, TePla, Leadership Award 2001
  • Thomas Kaufmann, Fraunhofer IPA, Merit Award 2001

Award descriptions:

The Merit Award is presented to a standards volunteer for making a major contribution to the semiconductor industry through the SEMI Standards Program.  Usually, this person has taken on a very complex problem at the task force level, gained industry support, and driven the project to completion.

The Leadership Award is given to an individual for providing outstanding leadership in guiding the SEMI Standards Program.  This might be someone who has turned an inactive committee into an excellent performer or an individual who has helped others become more effective through training and mentoring.

The Honor Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated long-standing dedication to the advancement of SEMI Standards.  This award is given to a person who has served the program consistently and effectively for a number of years.

The Corporate Device Member Award is presented to an individual who is acting officially or unofficially as corporate representative from a device manufacturer for outstanding contributions to the development of SEMI Standards.  The award recognizes the participation of the user community and this individual is characteristically someone who has actively fostered support for SEMI Standards within the device industry.

The International Collaboration Award is given to a SEMI standards member who has provided outstanding contributions in terms of international cooperation within the SEMI Standards Program.


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September 17, 2018