Brian Berland - All Solid State, Thin Film Lithium Rechargeable Battery for Flexible Electronics

Session 17: Power Technology

All Solid State, Thin Film Lithium Rechargeable Battery for Flexible Electronics
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
3:55 PM - 4:20 PM

ITN Energy Systems and ENrG Inc. have developed and demonstrated a promising new thin, flexible solid state lithium rechargeable battery (SSLB) for flexible electronics, smart wearables, and medical devices. Combining ITN’s solid state lithium battery technology with ENrG’s ultra-thin flexible ceramic solves the capacity and packaging issues that have thus far limited the thin film battery technology to limited niche markets. With a capacity greater than 20 mAh in a thickness less than 250 microns, including hermetic packaging, the new SSLB enables energy density greater than 1,000 Wh/l while maintaining the long recognized benefits of enhanced safety and durability provided by the all solid state chemistry.

This project presents results from FlexTech Alliance funded projects enabling the demonstration of the new SSLB on 20 micron thick, flexible ceramic substrates. The new SSLB supports operation across a wide range of duty cycles including high current pulses required for many wireless, display, and medical device applications. Results are presented for the batteries performance, including environmental and safety compliance testing.


Speaker's Biography

Dr. Brian Berland, Chief Science Officer— Dr. Berland serves as the Chief Science Officer for ITN Energy Systems. In this role, he directs both technology and business development activities with a focus on moving technologies from the lab to commercialization. Over the last twenty years, he has led research and development activities in flexible electrochromic and low-e window films, flexible lithium solid state batteries, redox flow batteries, alternate energy generation and storage materials, environmental barrier coatings, as well as gas and liquid separation membranes.

In his time at ITN, he has been an integral member of a team to successfully bid and execute over $30M in R&D programs with corporate and government partners, including leading teams commercializing ITN’s SSLB with leading worldwide corporate partners. He has been active in all aspects of product development for these technologies including cost-modeling, development of strategic partnerships, and definition of product performance requirements/market identification to support successful commercial transition and scale-up. Prior to joining ITN Energy Systems, Dr. Berland was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Colorado in the labs of Professor Steven George, a world leader in ALD chemistry. He holds a BS in Chemistry from Carleton College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado.


Brian Berland
ITN Energy Systems, Inc.