Brendan Nagle - Multek Industry 4.0 Strategy

Session 15: Flexible Electronics Manufacturing

Multek Industry 4.0 Strategy
Thursday, February 15, 2018
8:25 AM - 8:45 AM

Multek's Industry 4.0 strategy is advancing flexible, rigid and hybrid PCB manufacturing technology to generate higher yields on finer pitch circuits. Present day PCB-manufacturing produces panels in large lots and relies heavily on cross-sections to make measurements of devices and panels in process. Multek is deploying inline metrology to monitor processes in real time and communicate to a central server hosting machine-learning algorithms to adjust the process in real time. The constant feedback enhances process yields and provides real-time analytics regarding the impact of the design on the manufacturing process. In order to connect the data with individual panels - traceability of each panel must be maintained. Multek's Industry 4.0 enhancement will deploy full-panel traceability with 2D barcode throughout the factory to enable this transformation.

Speaker's Biography

Brendan Nagle graduated from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst (Class of 2009) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry. He relocated to San Jose, CA in 2010 to pursue an engineering opportunity at Shocking Technology, working to scale up the coating, material curing, and material sheeting processes to full-scale production levels. He also performed material characterization testing and the large scale statistical data analysis for the project. He moved on to consult in the medical device industry, building and maintaining FDA approved quality systems for small start-up companies at Cannon Quality Group. Brendan left Cannon to pursue hands-on manufacturing and PCB development at eLock Technologies, providing the leading digital bike-locker solution in the U.S. He joined Multek in February 2016 as a Research and Development Engineer.


Brendan Nagle
R&D Engineer