Boris Galkin - FPD production of flexible oxide TFT circuits

Session 13: Emerging Capabilities

FPD production of flexible oxide TFT circuits on GEN2 substrate
Thursday, February 15, 2018
9:05 AM - 9:25 AM

Flat panel display (FPD) is an established industry with ever increasing manufacturing capacity. Displays is a very competitive market. TENFLECS is a contract manufacturer of flexible electronics components (IGZO TFT, OTFT). In this presentation, we show our engineering progress in building an FPD line (GEN2 plate, 47x37cm2) purposed for new, non-display applications. Low-cost integrated circuits (ICs) for IoT, biometric sensors and imagers are just a few examples. First, we discuss the missing elements in standard FPD approach that should be specially developed for flexible electronics production. Temperatures of around 350C require thermally stable substrates, such as PI, which is preferably formed on the glass with further lift-off detachment. For reasons of high switching rate & operation at MHz frequencies, low L/W ratios of TFTs with CD down to 1.5μm are required. The same holds for high-resolution biometric imaging. In-line quality control for flexible electronics components require a new approach in real device simulation. As a way to low-cost production, certain processes necessary for oxide TFT circuits, such as dry etching & PECVD, may be combined in one tool, which results in less CAPEX and no effect on tact time. Back-end of full RFID tags production with flexible oxide ICs brings new challenges: laser programming of ROM in flexible IC, bonding of flexible IC to antenna. FPD production of circuits has a great perspective of scaling up the substrate. First step in qualification GEN2 process is expected in 2018, when TENFLECS launches production line.

Speaker's Biography

Boris Galkin has over 20 years in various leader positions in technology and media areas. He is also a member of Technospark serial entrepreneur venture building team, overseeing a few startups in the field of flexible electronics


Boris Galkin
Business Development Director