Bawa Singh - Novel Low Temperature Materials as Key Enablers

Session 19: Conductors

Novel Low Temperature Materials as Key Enablers of Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Thursday, February 15, 2018
1:40 PM - 2:05 PM

Emerging Trends: In current and emerging electronics, ‘Flexible Hybrid Assemblies’ are being increasingly employed because of their substantial advantages compared to conventional rigid FR-4 based assemblies. Specifically, Flexible Hybrid Assembles enable weight reduction, facilitate thinner devices/smaller stand-offs and offer remarkable design flexibility. Incumbent Technologies: Current generation flexible hybrid assemblies typically use polyimide-based substrates and SAC-based solder pastes with a melting points around 217°C. Challenges and Limitations: Polyimide-based substrates tend to be typically expensive and lack water clear transparency. Furthermore, SAC-based solder pastes, with a peak reflow temperature of around 240°C, often induce warpage, misalignment and can cause other assembly defects. To address these shortcomings, we demonstrate the use of novel low temperature, very high reliability, solder pastes for wide array of flexible substrates. Low Temperature Solutions: This paper will present results of a comprehensive multi-year initiative covering: - Low Temperature Alloy Development: Focus on thermo-mechanical reliability enhancement of new SnBi Alloys. - Paste Development: Low temperature solder paste development and performance comparison to traditional SAC-based solder pastes on Polyimide substrates. - Process Development: Printing and Reflow performance of low temperature processed assemblies on various flexible substrates. - Reliability Assessment: Thermal Cycling and Mechanical Vibration Performance. In summary, we show that novel low temperature materials and processes will be key enablers of next generation Flexible Hybrid Electronics.

Speaker's Biography

Bawa Singh is Executive Vice-President for Technology & Corporate Development at Alpha Assembly Solutions, a global leader in Electronic and Semiconductor Materials. Previously he was CTO at Alpha Assembly Solutions, with responsibility for developing materials and technologies for Electronics Assembly and Semiconductor Packaging. Currently, he is responsible for identifying emerging technologies & building new businesses. Dr. Singh holds a PhD in Plasma Physics from the University of Aston in Birmingham, UK. He specializes in Nanotechnology based materials such as Nano Metals, CNT’s and Graphene and has held technology leadership roles in the areas of electronic, semiconductor and optical materials and related technologies

Previous positions:

• Head, Advanced Materials and Applications Laboratory, Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ.

• Head and Senior Member of Technical Staff, Thin Film Technology Center, Sarnoff Research Center.

• Research Physicist, General Electric Company, Space Division, Valley Forge, PA.

• Director of Research & Development, Denton Vacuum, Moorestown, NJ.

• Research Scientist, Culham Laboratory for Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, UK.

• Co-Editor: Handbook of Vacuum Technology, Academic Press, 1999.

• Contributing Editor and Member of the Advisory Board, Vacuum and Thin Film Journal.

• Contributor & Member of the Advisory Board, Journal of Vacuum Technology & Coating.

• Past Adjunct Professor: Drexel University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

• Contributing Editor and Member of the Advisory Board, Vacuum and Thin Film Journal.

• Contributor & Member of the Advisory Board, Journal of Vacuum Technology & Coating.

• Member, SMTA and iNEMI. American Vacuum Society: Treasurer/Secretary, Thin Film Division, Committee Member, Plasma Science and Technology Division. Past President/Symposium Chairman, Delaware Valley Chapter. Member: Optical Society of America, IEEE and MRS.


Bawa Singh
Executive VP of Technology & Corporate Development
Alpha Assembly Solutions