Azar Alizadeh - Wearable Patch for Continuous Monitoring

Session 5: Health Monitors

Wearable Patch for Continuous Monitoring of Sweat Electrolytes
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
8:00 AM - 8:25 AM

Maintaining proper hydration is paramount for maximizing performance and minimizing health risks for laborers, warfighters, and athletes. In this talk, we will present our approach towards developing a fully wearable system composed of bio-impedance and sweat sensors for dynamic and non-invasive assessment of hydration. The presentation will highlight our progress towards development of a fully integrated wireless wearable and flexible sweat sensing device for non-obtrusive and continuous monitoring of electrolytes during moderate and intense exertion.


Speaker's Biography

NextFlex Fellow Dr. Azar Alizadeh is a senior material scientist at GE Global Research where she develops materials and processes for applications such as health-monitoring sensors, non-icing surfaces, nano-enabled media storage, and optoelectronic devices. She holds a PhD in Physics and has worked at GE Global Research since 2000. Dr Alizadeh has extensive experience in the field of nano-bio-manufacturing and has led numerous cross-functional teams during her tenure at GE Global Research, including the NBMC “Wearable device for dynamic assessment of hydration status”, the US Army, “A wearable physiological monitoring system for assessment of hemodynamic state” and the AFRL study of “Sensor systems for warfighter health and performance monitoring and augmentation”. Azar is currently co-leading several NextFlex projects and is the co-Lead on the NextFlex Human Monitoring Systems Technical Working Group. Dr. Alizadeh has 47 peer reviewed publications and 16 US patents/patent applications.


Azar Alizadeh
Senior Material Scientist
GE Global Research