ASMC 2018 Session 5


SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference—ASMC 2018RETURN TO AGENDA

POSTER SESSION & RECEPTION Sponsored by KLA-Tencor and CNW Courier Network

Tuesday, May 1

CHAIRS:  Gagan Aggarwal, Samsung Austin; Rajan Beera Ph.D., Pall Microelectronics; Jennifer Braggin, Carl Zeiss; Thanas Budri, Texas Instruments; Chris Ebert, Linde; Sophia Keil, Ph.D. and George Kong, Peregrine Semiconductor; Erin Lavigne, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Chris Long, IBM Research; Holly Magoon, Nikon; Mohammad Nosrati, Watlow; Terry Spooner, IBM Research; Adam Stover, Edwards; Qintao Zhang, Applied Materials


Advanced Industrial STEM Automation and Metrology: Boundary of Precision  
Haiyan Tan,  Haiyan Tan, Zhenxin Zhong, Timothy A. Johnson, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Weihao Weng, Chris Hakala, Raghaw Rai, Chris Kang, Laurent Dumas, Irene Brooks, Ahmad Katnani, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Measuring the Wafer Temperature in HVM Process Tools using a New Approach with Automated Wireless HighTemp-400 and EtchTemp-SE Wafer Systems 
DY Kim, J.I. Kim, SK Hynix; Dinh Chu, DongChul Hong, KLA-Tencor

Advantages of Using Big Data in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Gabe Villareal, James Na, Joe Lee, Tom Ho, BISTel America 

Metal Density Designated/Integrated MOL/BEOL Resistance and Capacitance Monitoring Macros
Dewei Xu, Ravi Srivastava, Ushasree Katakamsetty, Ernesto Gene de la Garza, Hyung Woo Kim, Roderick Augur, Robert Fox, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Airborne Molecular Contamination: Formation, Impact, Measurement, and Removal of Nitrous Acid  (HNO2)
Jürgen M Lobert, Reena Srivastava and Frank Belanger, Entegris


A Methodology to Correlate Equipment Component Failures to FDC Parameters Enabling the Setting Up of Baselines for FDC Parameter Monitoring     
Hein Mun Lam, Michael Zhao, Jyy Ming Chuah, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Poh-Boon Yong, Alex Lim, Ski Sim, KLA-Tencor; Charlie Cha, Bruce Yang, Kim Kok Gan, Robin Loh, Kim Liang Ling, Bistel

Alignment Solutions on FBEOL Layers Using ASML Scanners  
Gregory Hart, Pavan Samudrala, Yen-Jen Chena, Lokesh Subramany, Haiyong Gao, Nyan Aung,  Woong Jae Chung, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Blandine Minghetti, Rajan Malic, Seva Khikhlovskyi, Pieter Heres, ASML

Micro Bump Height Derivation Control with Dynamic Sizing Patterning    
C.C. Liu, J.H. Chen, Y.N. Hsu, R.D. Wang, C.S. Liu, Ponder Pan, Edward Chen, Harry Ku, TSMC

Anode Passivation Mitigation in Ultra Thick Metal Plating    
Mark Rovereto, Antonio Fiacco, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Nanoprober Image Based Localization Techniques for SOI Technology    

Characterization of Sub-10 nm Filter Cleanliness by Electrophoretic Purification/Analysis
Makonnen Payne, Pall Corporation Makonnen M. Payne Rao Varanasi, Pall Corporation; Arthur J. Ackermann and Glen W. Wildermuth, Microfier

A Needed Design Change for Metrology and the Fab: Minimally Invasive Servicing Design    
Carlos Strocchia-Rivera, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling for Refining Component Design    
Jack Geiger, Ruslan Aliev, Howard Base, Joel Rozga, Process Technology; Mounir Ibrahim, Cleveland State University

A Needed Design Change for Metrology and the Fab: Minimally Invasive Servicing Design    
Carlos Strocchia-Rivera, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Detection of Thermal Donors from Electrically Active Interstitial Oxygen by Optical Second Harmonic Generation  
Ming Lei, John Changala, Brian Larzelere, Justin Lee, Jacqueline ZouAlon Raphael, Femtometrix

A Novel Approach to Tool Monitoring for Furnace Tools with Dynamic Recipe Management
Chihyun Jung, Shiladitya Chakravorty, Satyajit Shinde, Jaana Rajachidambaram, Bradley Savoy, Garrett Szafmanline; GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Effective Epi Process Window Monitoring by High-resolution Massive CDU Metrology    
Zong Yan Chen, TY Chen, TSMC; Ido Holcman, Bruce Tseng, Applied Materials

Optimization of Wet Clean and its Cost-effectiveness in Dual Damascene 14 nm BEOL    
Asha Sharma, Jacob Bulaga, Srishti Agrawal, Ravi Srivastava, Mukesh Gogna, Sunil Singh, Silas Scott, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
Enabling 5G—A Substrate Material Perspective    
Ionut Radu, Eric Desbonnets, Manuel Sellier, Christophe Didier, SOITEC
Particle Reduction in High-temperature Sulfuric Acid Using PTFE Membrane Filter and Low Pulsation Bellows Pump     
Tomoyuki Takakura, Katsuhiko Tokuno, Shuichi Tsuzuki, Nihon Pall; Kenji Yamazaki, Ai Tomotoshi, Kazukiyo Teshima, Nippon Pillar Packing
Forging Basic Elements of Cyber-Physical Systems in Industry 4.0 with Parametric Characterization for FDC
Keung Hui, Leo Ke, SY Sheen, TSMC
 Patterning Challenges for Monolithic Silicon Photonics    
Colleen Meagher, Zoey Sowinski, Chienfan Yu, Shuren Hu, Karen Nummy, Mini Modh Ghosal, Ramya Viswanathan, Amr Abdo, Tim Wiltshire, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

High-Density Epitaxial Unwanted Growth and its Effect on Planarization in FINFET Process
Pit Fee Jao, Chia Hao Tsao, Brad Chen, Ludmila Popova, Jagadeesh Yarramsetty, Shashidhar Shintri, Mariappan Hariharaputhiran, Venkat Kolagunta, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Process Queue Time Control, Reactive or Proactive?    
Chienfan Yu, Laura Bauman, Vickie Jophlin-Gut, Garrett Oakley, Zoey Sowinski, Edward Sherwood, Katherine Hawkins, Ryan Kelly, Rebekah  Sheraw, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

High-speed Confocal Chromatic Linescan Sensor for 3D Inspection of Patterned Wafers    
Tristan Combier, Laurent Milord, Philippe Gastaldo, Unity-SC

Requirements for First-time-right Response in Advanced Manufacturing    
Robert Finlay, Boyd Finlay, Niels Rackwitz, Brian Conerney, Eric Warren, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Alan Weber, Cimetrix

Identifying Cycle Time Factors and Its Relative Impact on Tools in Semiconductor Fab Using Statistical Inferences      
A Review of Well Imaging Techniques  
Gregory M. Johnson, Jochonia Nxumalo, Christopher D’Aleo, Brian Yates, Zaheer Khan, Christopher Mollela, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Inline Detection of Small Defects Using Destructive Wafer Processing in Advanced Technology Nodes    
Ludmila Popova, Naim Moumen, Weihong Gao, Raymond Joy, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 
Standardising Utility Savings    
Michael Czerniak, Edwards; Andreas Neuber, Applied Materials

Liquid-metal-jet X-ray Technology for Nanoelectronics Characterization and Metrology  
Julius Hållstedt, Emil Espes, Ulf Lundström, Björn Hansson, Excillum
A Systematic Approach to Secure Data Collection Across an OEM’s Fleet of Tools    
Doug Suerich, Veronica Consens, The PEER Group

Manufacturing Application Study of CdZnTe Wafers Using Automated X-ray Metrology    
Weilin She, L.Q. Zhou, North China Research Institute of Electro-optics; Q. Bo, R. Bytheway, O. Whear, Bruker Semiconductor

New this year! Microelectronics Engineering Senior Research/Design Projects from Rochester Institute of Technology - sponsored by ASML

  • Monolayer doping for ultra-shallow junction MOSFET device fabrication  by Jenna Doran,  BS Microelectronics MS Material Science
  • Fabrication of Transparent Vertical MESFET in GaN  by Matthew Hartensveld, BS Microelectronics MS Material Science
  • Improvements in GaSb Homoepitaxial and IMF Solar Cells Grown via Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition by Emily Kessler, BS Microelectronics
  • Flexible Silicon Nanowire Solar Cells by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching  by Cody Soule, BS Microelectronics MS Material Science
  • Process Development and Droplet Movement Automation of Electro-wetting on Dielectric Devices as a Platform for DNA Synthesis  by Hee Tae An, BS Microelectronics