ASMC 2017 Keynote Biography - Robert Rapp, Robert Bosch GmbH

Roberto Rapp, Director of Manufacturing Process Integration, Deputy Technical Plant Manager/Reutlingen
Robert Bosch GmbH

Roberto Rapp has been employed at Robert Bosch GmbH since 2009 as Director of Manufacturing Process Integration, where he is responsible for the implementation
and production of the ASIC, Sensor and Power technologies. In parallel he is deputy technical plant manager of the Bosch Semiconductor Plant in Reutlingen, Germany.
He studied physics at the University in Heidelberg, Germany and joined IBM in 1985, starting his professional career as Process Engineer in the Wafer-Fab in Böblingen, Germany. 1988 he worked in the first 200mm IBM Wafer-Fab in Burlington VT, USA. Working for IBM, SMST, Philips and NXP he has now over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry for consumer and automotive.
Since 1995 he held different management positions in Engineering, Quality and Production