Ara Parsekian - Hybrid Additive Process for Slot Coating of Alternating - Stripe Films

Session 25: Emerging Capabilities

Hybrid Additive Process for Slot Coating of Alternating - Stripe Films
Thursday, June 22, 2017 
3:05 PM - 3:25 PM

Scalability in manufacturing constitutes a persistent challenge for large-area printed electronics. Additive-only liquid phase deposition strategies have long been recognized for the potential to minimize material waste and consolidate processing steps. In practice, however, patterned printing with established techniques often necessitates costly pre-treatments and subtractive manufacturing steps. This work presents and develops a novel technique for printing alternating stripes of two materials simultaneously. The influence of material properties and processing requirements are addressed for this technique, which is a hybridization of slot die extrusion and inkjet printing. In situ observation of polymer solution coating on polyethlylene terephthalate (PET) substrate highlights miscibility as a key requirement for highly stable and robust printing. Analyses of the fluid mechanics and wetting phenomena at deposition are also conducted with respect to minimum feature size. These results are used to provide a quantitative projection for the pattern capabilities achievable with this hybrid method. This discussion provides meaningful insight towards the feasibility of hybrid extrusion coating as a strategy to produce alternating-stripe patterns for use in photovoltaics, microfluidics, sensors, and other thin film applications.


Speaker's Biography

Ara Parsekian is a PhD student at Georgia Tech, and a member of the Polymer Thin Film Processing Group led by Professor Tequila Harris. The focus of his research is slot coating of liquid films and hybrid tools for pattern printing. At Georgia Tech, Ara also completed an NSF IGERT program exploring both technical and public policy aspects of advanced materials for energy storage and conversion.


Ara Parsekian
Georgia Institute of Technology