Antti Jaakkola

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Session 5: Antti Jaakkola, Ph.D.

Wednesday February 14, 2018 at 2:25 PM


Antti Jaakkola, Ph.D.

CTO, Tikitin Ltd.

Tikitin HighT MEMS resonator: drop-in replacement for quartz


MSTC 2018 Session 5:  APPLICATIONS

Wednesday February 14, 2018 ~ 2:25 - 2:55 PM 

About Antti Jaakkola, Ph.D.

Antti Jaakkola is the CTO and co-founder of Tikitin Ltd. He has a PhD in Applied Physics from Aalto University, Finland. Antti has >10 years of experience in MEMS technology development with >10 patents on the field. He is a globally recognized expert in MEMS resonator technology with extensive research background at VTT Finland. Antti’s research and development work includes MEMS resonators, accelerometers, gyroscopes, wafer-level packaging, and in particular, tailoring of the mechanical properties of silicon by heavy doping.


Tikitin is the first company to commercialize silicon MEMS resonators that are fully pin-to-pin compatible with conventional quartz crystals. Tikitin HighT resonators cover a frequency range of 15 … 125 MHz and they have an excellent frequency stability of +/- 20 ppm over a temperature range of T = -40 … +150C. A Tikitin HighT resonator can directly replace the quartz crystal in oscillator circuits - there is no need for any redesign, since the electrical parameters of Tikitin HighT resonators closely match those of quartz. Pin-to-pin compatibility has been confirmed with tens of different commercial drive circuits.    Thus far, silicon resonators have suffered from the high thermal coefficient of frequency and lack of piezoelectricity, which have prevented quartz-like functionality. Tikitin uses heavily doped silicon and optimized resonator geometries for surpassing the thermal stability of quartz, and aluminum nitride -based piezoelectric actuation which renders the resonator piezoelectric.    Key advantages of Tikitin HighT resonators are  - Tikitin HighT can replace quartz crystals pin-to-pin  - Excellent thermal stability of +/- 20 ppm over the temperature range of T = -40 … +150C (to be contrasted with the typical +/- 100 ppm specification for quartz on the same temperature range)  - Small size: wafer level packaged die size 0.8x0.6x0.2 mm3  - Excellent phase noise demonstrated with commercial drive circuits: -140dBc@1kHz, -160dBc floor.  - Robustness against vibrations, shock, and lack of activity dips  - Easy for designers to test the applicability of Tikitin HighT in existing designs in place of quartz