Amir Hanna - Flexible (1mm bending radius) Biocompatible Heterogeneous

Session 18: FHE Chip Integration

Flexible (1mm bending radius) Biocompatible Heterogeneous Fan-Out Wafer-Level Platform with the Lowest Reported Die-Shift (<6µm) and Reliable Flexible Cu-based Interconnects
Thursday, February 15, 2018
10:40 AM - 11:00 AM

A flexible fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) process for heterogeneous integration of high performance dies in a flexible and biocompatible elastomeric package (FlexTrateTM) was used to assemble >600 dies with co-planarity and tilt <1µm, average die-shift of 3.28 µm with σ < 2.23 µm, and die rotation of average of <100 milli-degree with σ < 70 milli-degree. We have also engineered a novel corrugated topography of a stress buffer layer for metal interconnects on FlexTrateTM to mitigate the buckling phenomenon of metal films deposited on elastomeric substrates. Corrugated interconnects were then tested for their mechanical bending reliability, and have shown less than 0.4% change in resistance after bending at 1mm radius for 1000 cycles.

Speaker's Biography

Dr Amir Hanna (Electrical Engineering) is a postdoctoral researcher at CHIPS consortium under supervision of Prof Iyer. He has experience in semiconductors processing, characterization and reliability of thin film transistors and sensors for flexible electronics applications. His current research focus is on flexible hybrid electronics integration using FOWLP for implantable and wearable electronics applications.


Amir Hanna
Postdoctoral Scholar
University of California, Los Angeles