Albert van Breemen - Scalable Self-aligned Active Matrix IGZO TFT Backplane Technology

Session 20: Sensors

Scalable Self-aligned Active Matrix IGZO TFT Backplane Technology and its Use in Flexible Semi-Transparent 
Thursday, June 22, 2017 
8:25 AM - 8:45 AM

Organic image sensors are interesting for a wide variety of applications ranging from consumer products to medical/healthcare and industrial applications. Adding semi-transparency enables new image sensor applications like integrated fingerprint sensors in mobile displays, interactive surfaces and advanced X-ray detectors.

We have successfully fabricated semi-transparent image sensors by a monolithic integration of a semi-transparent active matrix TFT backplane and a solution processed slot-die coated organic photodetector. A new integration scheme of a self-aligned IGZO TFT backplane with an OPD cathode is presented that allows the realization of semi-transparent photodetectors with up to 84% transparency of the backplane in a scalable 5 mask step process on GEN1 size (320x352 mm). A solution processed organic photoactive layer is slot-die coated directly on the active matrix TFT backplane, resulting in a VGA size (480x640 rows and columns) semi-transparent image sensor.


Speaker's Biography

Dr. Albert van Breemen (male) received his Ph. D. degree in Organic and Polymer Chemistry from the University Hasselt, Belgium, in 1999. In that same year he joined TNO Science and Industry. Since 2007 he works at Holst Centre, focusing on technology for flexible electronics.


Albert van Breemen
Holst Centre