Expanded and Improved: Visit the New SEMI Website

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Expanded and Improved: Visit the New SEMI Website

SEMI launched a new global website on September 26 with improved graphics, easier readability, more functional event calendars, and additional “new member” features. The new website design was initiated by members’ demand for more segmented information, but regional needs for customized and local language web services and technical infrastructure changes also necessitated the new site design. These latest changes are part of a two-year continuous improvement effort that has led to a doubling of web traffic and made semi.org the most visited website by SEMI members, according to a recent member survey.

Online and interactive services are an essential component of SEMI member services, providing on-demand information to various SEMI constituencies including event attendees, standards volunteers, special interest groups, industry press, financial and business planners, and other groups. Illustrating the growing importance of web-based information, since 2006, page views on SEMI websites have doubled— growing from less than 1 million to over 2 million pages view per quarter. During July, page views reached over 2 million for the month.

In the SEMI annual Customer Satisfaction survey, SEMI is the most commonly mentioned industry website used for information, followed by Nikkei Tech-On, Semiconductor International, EE Times, and Google. Approximately 90% of survey respondents regularly use semi.org for industry news, information, and updates on SEMI events.

To simplify the transition and retain the site’s usability, most of the navigation structure remains unchanged. Among the new features and important changes in the new semi.org site are:

  • Easier-to-read, expandable and sortable SEMI event calendars (events can be sorted both by region and event category)
  • Member stock price and financial market information sourced from five stock markets worldwide (see SEMI Indexoff the home page)
  • New section on Industry Segmentsthat aggregates industry information by industry or segment
  • New section on Issuesthat summarizes important SEMI industry initiatives in Intellectual Property, Fab Productivity, EHS, Public Policy and Sustainability

The most important changes in SEMI web services over the past two years have been the development of dedicated websites, or microsites, in support of major SEMI expositions. Since 2007, each SEMICON exposition has a dedicated website (www.semiconwest.org, www.semiconjapan.org, etc.) developed to meet the functional information needs of exhibitors and attendees. Prior to the microsites, those information needs were compromised by having to reside within the navigation structure and branded environment of the SEMI website. The microsite program has also enabled better local language information for event attendees, and the new semi.org site will also enable more customized and local language information for SEMI members in Asia.

Increasingly, SEMI web and interactive services have become the primary method of communicating and serving members, exceeding events in reach and frequency. The new SEMI website has been designed to enable more and better information services, more regional-specific services, and more local language services. In the future, increased use of forums, polls, newsletters, blogs, videos and other interactive services will be better accommodated by the new site, and increased visibility for members and member-driven issues will be enabled.

To visit the new SEMI website, visit: www.semi.org. For additional information and comments on SEMI web services, please contact webmaster@semi.org.