About SCIS

About SCIS

  • SCIS brings together all stakeholders that are driving yield improvements through the very last frontier of component and hardware defect reduction.
  • SCIS activities are structured around characterizing important parameters affecting processes and impacting yields and developing test methodologies to measure them. 
  • Each key parameter addressed are agreed upon by all stakeholders and must be traceable in reducing defects.
  • These test methodologies provide a measurable way of holding stakeholders accountable.
  • With a focus on defining consistent methodologies for measuring defects, SCIS activities are inherently pre-competitive in nature and do not necessitate discussion or disclosure of any sensitive IP. 


Benefits of SCIS Technology Community Initiatives to the Industry

  1. Improves product development efficiency by streamlining product testing requirements and enabling superior fab process control.
  2. Reduces overhead of duplicate but different test requirements.
  3. Increases design efficiency by defining user performance requirements and measurement methods.
  4. Improves alignment between customer and supplier.
  5. Enables faster root cause analysis, containment and problem resolution when parts traceability information is required.
  6. Provides standardized metrics to enable customer and supplier to differentiate between product choices and identify best suited product for the target application.
  7. Provides baseline for assessing incoming parts quality. Facilitates partnering between customer and supplier to improve performance

SCIS Technology Community

Interested in becoming a SCIS Member?

If you are already a SEMI member, but not part of SCIS, contact Paul Trio for more information at ptrio@semi.org

If you are not a SEMI | FOA member, please reach out to your local SEMI Membership Contact or fill out a SEMI Membership Application.

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