Cleanroom Technology & Procedures II

Cleanroom Technology & Procedures II

By Semiconductor Services ©2009

Running Time: 28 minutes

Format: DVD (English)

The revision of Cleanroom Technology & Procedures II video training course provides necessary information for semiconductor cleanroom personnel. Through video footage from leading semiconductor manufacturers and graphic illustrations, viewers become familiar with cleanroom design and function, as well as cleanroom types. Ballroom-style cleanrooms, bay-and chase cleanrooms and cleanrooms that utilize mini-environments are depicted by use of footage from 300mm wafer fabrication and leading-edge compound semiconductor facilities.

Since contamination is a primary cause of microchip product failure, it is critical that persons working in cleanrooms learn the kinds of contamination that affect productivity and how to maintain an optimum manufacturing environment. Cleanroom Technology & Procedures II describes four types of contamination: particle, chemical bacterial and static. How cleanroom garments are worn and guidelines for entering and working in the cleanroom are also covered.

The video training course is accompanied by the “Cleanroom Technology & Procedures II” manual. This spiral-bound book consist of the video script, graphs and images taken from the video and a key word index.

This is an effective program to support world-class cleanroom performance.

The DVD comes with a manual.

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