Microchip Manufacturing

Microchip Manufacturing

By Stanley Wolf, Ph.D. ©2003

This beautifully illustrated 564-page book provides detailed technical content about microchip manufacturing in an easy-to-read format. It explains all aspects of this fascinating and important technology, from introductory material on the semiconductor industry, to test, chemicals and safety. It also describes the latest technologies, including copper interconnects, CMP, dual-damascene, low-k dielectrics, and 300-mm wafers, and provides a discussion of diffusion, oxidation, lithography, ion implantation, etching, CVD, and PVD.

Microchip Manufacturing is aimed at process engineers, product engineers, IC designers, test engineers, and many others who support wafer-fab operations, including professionals serving the semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers, sales representatives, workers involved with quality control and reliability, technicians and trainers, and patent lawyers. It’s also a great resource for marketing communications personnel and anyone interested in learning more about how microchips are made.

Dr. Wolf is the author of the well-known series Silicon Processing for the VLSI Era. While these reference texts are revered by hardcore process and device engineers, Microchip Manufacturing has been written for the rest of us. You can even take it home with you to help explain your daily life as a worker in the semiconductor industry.

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