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Market research reports are a vital tool to help guide your corporation in making important investment and strategic decisions. SEMI offers market data and research reports covering semiconductor, PV and HB-LED capital equipment, semiconductor materials, semiconductor packaging materials, and semiconductor and HB-LED fabs.




NEW: SEMI Secondary Fab Equipment Report
A report covering the market size for secondary fab equipment for 150 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm applications.

Equipment Market Data Subscription (EMDS)
Monthly global bookings/billings and bi-annual forecast of the semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Data is based on direct inputs from the major semiconductor equipment manufacturers.

SEMI Book-to-Bill Report
A benchmark for the Industry: Tracks billings and bookings of North American-headquartered manufacturers of semiconductor equipment

Historical Book-to-Bill Report
Need Book-to-Bill data dating back to 1991

Historical Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics Report
Need Worldwide billings data dating back to 1991 and bookings data back to 1997.

World Fab Forecast 
A quarterly fab-by-fab analysis of the frontend semiconductor, HB-LED, and MEMS fabs. The data includes quarterly data on installed capacity, geometry, wafer size and construction/equipment spending

A quarterly fab-by-fab analysis of frontend semiconductor, HB-LED, and MEMS fabs that have committed to spending. Database includes quarterly installed capacity, geometry, wafer size and construction/equipment spending.

World Fab Watch
A quarterly fab-by-fab snapshot of the frontend semiconductor, HB-LED, MEMS fabs.


Material Market Data Subscription (MMDS)
Quarterly worldwide semiconductor materials market data and trends for key materials used in the manufacturing of semiconductors. The report contains 10 segments for wafer fabs and 7 segments for packaging related materials.

Silicon Reclaim Wafer Market Characterization
Market Trends, Pricing, and Forecast for the Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market

Photomask Characterization Summary
Market Trends/Forecast for the Semiconductor Photomask Market



Opto/LED Fab Forecast
A quarterly fab-by-fab analyst of the High-Brightness LED and Optoelectronics frontend fabs.
Includes quarterly forecast data for installed capacity, construction/equipment spending, and more.

Opto/LED Fab Watch
A quarterly fab-by-fab overview of HB-LED and Optoelectronics


Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook- 2013/2014 Edition 
A one-time report that examines substrates, leadframes, bonding wire, mold compounds, die attach materials.

China Semiconductor Packaging Market Outlook 2012/2013
A one-time report that provides an outlook of the semiconductor packaging industry in China as well as a summary of the packaging materials and equipment market.



Market and Technology Trends in Materials and Equipment for Printed & Flexible Electronics Report

Report from Yole Developpement identifying trends and opportunities for printed & flexible electronics. 20% discount for SEMI members



SEMI Worldwide PV Equipment Market Statistics Report (includes PV Equipment Book-to-Bill)
Quarterly global booking/billing data from PV equipment manufacturers.



Mass Flow Controller Market Statistics (Report)
A monthly report that looks at trends of the mass flow controller (MFC) for the microelectronics industry. The data is based on direct inputs from the major MFC suppliers.