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SEMI Book-to-Bill Report

A benchmark for the Industry: Tracks global billings and bookings of North American-headquartered manufacturers of semiconductor equipment

Publication Date: Published Monthly
Principal Analyst: Dan Tracy, Lara Chamness, SEMI
Format: .xls


The SEMI Book-to-Bill annual subscription provides global bookings and billings by month for North American-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers. The data includes front-end (Wafer Processing, Mask/Reticle, Wafer Mfg., Fab Facilities) and final manufacturing (Test, Assembly & Packaging). The Book-to-Bill report is calculated by taking a three-month moving average of North American headquartered equipment manufacturers bookings divided by a three-month average of billings for the same period of time. North American equipment suppliers represent approximately 50 percent of the worldwide equipment market. A Book-to-bill ratio above one represents an expanding market while a book-to-bill ratio below one represents a contracting market.

SEMI Book-to-Bill Report
Monthly global bookings and billings for North American-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers, including front-end and final manufacturing equipment. Delivered three weeks after the close of each month.

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SEMI uses a third-party accounting firm to manage their market statistics data collection program. Bookings and billings figures are sent directly to the firm, from participating member companies. Individual company data is not available to any agency or company, including SEMI. Confidentiality is guaranteed, and market share information for the program participants is never published.


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