Standards Meetings and Educational Programs at SEMICON Korea 2011

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Standards Meetings and Educational Programs at SEMICON Korea 2011

SEMICON Korea, the region’s largest exhibition takes place at the COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul from January 26-28, 2011.

Marking its 23rd anniversary, SEMICON Korea will feature more than 400 exhibiting companies occupying more than 1,400 exhibit booths, showcasing the latest products and technologies for microelectronics design and manufacturing. More than 30,000 attendees are expected to participate. Also, many technical programs and Standards events are scheduled during the same period.

The SEMI Technology Symposium (STS) will be focused on technology issues and process developments including advanced lithography, materials, etc. SEMICON Korea will highlight four in-depth technology forums addressing critical topics in MEMS and printed electronics, metrology and inspection, system LSI, and parts sourcing.

Various SEMI Standards meetings and events are notable this year. Brand new committees such as the Korea Information & Control committee and the Korea Facilities committee will announce the opening of new Korea standardization activities to the world. (The Korea I&CC and Facilities committees were approved by International Standards Committee at SEMICON West 2010.)

In addition to its first meeting as a technical committee, the Korea Information and Control committee is hosting a joint meeting of the Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) working group and the GEM300 task force, and a Standards Technical Education Program (STEP) on SECS and GEM300 standards such as SEMI E5, E40, E87, and E94. These equipment communications standards are being widely adopted not only for semiconductor but for photovoltaic and LED industries as well.

For its part, the Korea Facilities committee will hold its inaugural committee meeting and a seminar on SEMI F47, a key standard on equipment voltage sag immunity. On the display side, there will be a workshop on three-dimensional displays, and the Korea FPD Metrology committee will meet to review ballots on PDP tone and color reproduction and measuring spatial contrast ratios.

More information can be found on the SEMICON Korea website at

About Korea SEMI Standards activities

Currently there are three active technical committees in Korea. FPD Metrology committee is working on various display performance measurement methods. In last year, the committee successfully published new standard about perceptual angle of OLED.

I&CC started their activities from GEM300 area but these days they also formed EDA working group to enlarge their activities. Facilities committee approved Equipment Cleanness Task Force and covers the cleanness level in side of process and manufacturing equipment .For more information on Korea SEMI Standards activities, please Contact Natalie Shim at

SEMI Standards Watch – January 2011