SEMICON West 2010 Award Winners

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SEMI Standards Volunteers Recognized at SEMICON West 2010

By Paul Trio, SEMI North America

As companies recover and begin to thrive once again from the downturn, Standards members continue to demonstrate their exemplary dedication to the SEMI International Standards Program. Ten Standards members were recognized at the Standards Networking Event on Tuesday, July 13 during SEMICON West 2010. These outstanding volunteers have made significant contributions, dedicated countless hours of their time, and demonstrated remarkable leadership in reaching their goals.

SEMI congratulates the 2010 Standards Awards recipients!

Left to right: Cliff Greenberg (Nikon Precision), Bob Akins (Cymer), Lauren Crane (Applied Materials), Mutaz Haddadin (Intel), Shoji Komatsu (Acteon), Jackie Ferrell (ISMI), John Stover (The Scatter Works), Marty Burkhart (Hi Pure Tech), Win Baylies (Bay Tech Group)

North America Standards Merit Award

The Merit Award is presented to a SEMI Standards volunteer for making a major contribution to the semiconductor industry through the SEMI Standards Program. This award is presented to a Standards member who has taken on a complex problem at the task force level, gained industry support, and drove the project to completion. Lauren Crane of Applied Materials and Cliff Greenberg of Nikon Precision were this year’s recipients of the North America Standards Merit Award.

Lauren Crane and Cliff Greenberg took on the challenge of providing a method for assessing the safe design of equipment when it does not fully meet the explicit information in SEMI S2. Prior to their efforts, this issue had been under discussion for several years in the EHS Standards technical committee, but no progress had been made. Lauren and Cliff determined the key points on which there was some consensus in the committee and carefully developed a ballot around those points, resulting in a successful revision ballot less than two years after they started.

North America Standards Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is given to an individual for providing outstanding leadership in guiding the SEMI Standards Program. This award is presented to a Standards member who has either turned an inactive committee into an excellent performer or has helped others become more effective through training and mentoring. Marty Burkhart of Hi Pure Tech and Tom Pomorski formerly of Productivity Management Associates were this year’s recipients of the NA Standards Leadership Award.

As an active participant in the SEMI Standards program for many years, Marty Burkhart led the emerging PV Chemicals Purity TF when the SEMI PV Technical committee was formed in 2007. He effectively led three subgroups (Gases, Liquid, and Water) that met on a regular basis. Marty mentored other Standards volunteers to lead the Liquid Chemicals group as well as the Water group. With Marty’s leadership, the Water group successfully published PV3-0310, the third SEMI PV standard. In addition to these PV activities, Marty is involved with several standards efforts in the Liquid Chemicals committee. He is leading the Surface of Pellet TF and continues his mentorship, particularly with the SEMI F57 and F63 revision activities.

Tom Pomorski has been an active leader of the North America Metrics Technical Committee, E10 TF, Equipment Productivity TF, and Metrics Education and Adoption Subcommittee for over 10 years. He has co-led the extensive rewrite of SEMI E10 over the last several years—a SEMI Standard that is in the top five most downloaded and used in the industry today. Tom has dedicated countless hours mentoring Metrics members, overseeing activities, and actively leading the committee. A great supporter of SEMI Standards and an enthusiastic leader, many colleagues have sought his guidance and assistance. Although Tom’s recent career change has moved him out of the semiconductor industry, this award is long overdue for such a dedicated leader.

North America Standards Honor Award

The Honor Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated long-standing dedication to the advancement of SEMI Standards. This award is given to a person who has served the program consistently and effectively for a number of years. John Stover of the Scatter Works was this year’s recipient of the NA Standards Honor Award.

John Stover is the leader of the International Advanced Surface Inspection Task Force. He wrote and continues to maintain the set of standards supporting automated scanning wafer surface inspection systems – SEMI M50, SEMI M52, SEMI M53, and SEMI M58. In addition to the North America regional meetings, John also travels abroad to participate and collaborate with other leaders at SEMICON Europa and SEMICON Japan meetings.

North America Standards Corporate Device Member Award
The Corporate Device Member Award is presented to an individual who is acting officially or unofficially as corporate representative from a device manufacturer for outstanding contributions to the development of SEMI Standards. The award recognizes the participation of the user community and this individual is characteristically someone who has actively fostered support for SEMI Standards within the device industry. Mutaz Haddadin of Intel was this year’s recipient of the NA Standards Corporate Device Member Award.

Mutaz Haddadin, the co-chair of the North America Physical Interfaces and Carriers Committee and co-leader of the International 450mm Physical Interfaces and Carriers task force, has been instrumental in the development of wafer carrier standards for 450mm wafers. He has worked to ensure that communication between device manufacturers and equipment and component suppliers in this area is open and productive, and has been unwavering in his conviction that such communication is vital to the development of high-quality standards. His leadership and technical contributions have helped bring about the publication of three SEMI Standards: E154, E156, and E158.

North America Standards Educator Award

The Educator Award is presented to an individual we who not only volunteers their time and talent on standards development work, but also raise awareness by spreading the word and creating fertile ground for standards solutions. Win Baylies of the Bay Tech Group was this year’s recipient of the NA Standards Educator Award.

Win Baylies has been instrumental in organizing all Standards educational opportunities each year. He is a leader of the Standards Education Committee and continues to dedicate much of his time developing high-profile educational topics that are relevant to the industry. Win travels around the world, attending several workshops, seminars, and classes within the semiconductor, PV, MEMS, and LED industries and brings this wealth of knowledge to help support the NA Standards Program’s educational opportunities. He is a strong believer in education and is eager to create as many opportunities for everyone to grow, explore, and network as possible.

Karel Urbanek Award

The Karel Urbanek Award is SEMI’s most significant honor for contributions to the SEMI Standards Program. The Award recognizes the leadership of Karel Urbanek, the member of the SEMI Board of Directors responsible for the Standards Program and thus Chairman of the International Standards Committee from 1986 to 1991. He led the Program through the difficult early years of globalization with diplomacy, fairness, and honesty.

Mutaz Haddadin of Intel, Shoji Komatsu of Acteon, and Jackie Ferrell of ISMI were this year’s recipients of the Karel Urbanek Award. The awards were presented by Bob Akins, CEO of Cymer Corporation and Chairman of the International Standards Committee.

Mutaz Haddadin and Shoji Komatsu were honored for their work in leading the Physical Interfaces and Carriers Committee’s International 450mm Task Force and for bringing the first 450 mm standards for wafer carriersand load portsto publication. This has been a massive effort to develop consensus among over 100 task force members involved in this high-profile activity. The 450 project has been driven all along by a sense of urgency and getting a consensus has not always been easy - but the leaders and members have persisted.

Mutaz Haddadin is a co-chair of the NA Physical Interfaces and Carriers (PIC) Committee and, along with Mr. Komatsu, has been actively contributing to the PIC Committee for over six years. Shoji Komatsu is the co-chair of the Japan PIC committee and has been testing prototype 450 mm carriers and loadport features at his company which has been of great value in establishing and confirming some of the physical parameters in the standards.

Jackie Ferrell of ISMI was also honored for her contribution to the true globalization of the SEMI Standards Program. She has served in various roles in the Information and Control Committee since 1997 and has been a co-chair of the North American Regional Standards Committee (NARSC) as well as a member of the International Standards Committee (ISC) since 2006.

Ms. Ferrell’s coordination and mediation skills were critical in establishing I300I/J300 framework, which produced industry guidelines for 300mm automation based on global users’ requirements. These guidelines played a key role in motivating suppliers to participate in Standardization.

Ms. Ferrell has also set a strong example for other leaders. Her first priority has always been consensus, based on mutual understanding and respect among people from different technical fields, cultural backgrounds, positions in supply chain, under clear and fair rules.

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