PV Fab Managers Standards Meeting March 2011

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SEMI® International Standards Program

SEMI Photovoltaic Technical Standards Meetings in conjunction with the 2011 PV Fab Managers Forum in Berlin, Germany.

Note: Registration for PV Fab Managers Forum is separate and required to attend those meetings. For more information, visit PV Fab Managers Forum

SEMI PV Standards Technical Task Force and Committee Meetings

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10:00-18:00PV Equipment Interface Specification Task Force (Agenda)
11:00-18:00PV Wafer Traceability Task Force (Agenda)
12:30-14:30PV Ribbon Connector Task Force (Agenda)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

08:00-10:00PV Silicon Materials Task Force (Agenda)
09:00-12:00PV Automation Committee (Agenda)
10:00-12:30PV Analytical Test Methods Task Force (Agenda)
13:00-16:00PV Committee (Agenda)
16:00-17:00High Brightness Light-Emitting Diode (HB-LED) (Agenda)

Standards meeting schedule.

Download detailed meeting room schedule (PDF)

Standards Contact Information:

Carlos Lee
Sr. Manager, SEMI Europe Office
Email: clee@semi.org
Phone: +32 2 2896497

James Amano
Director, SEMI International Standards
Email: jamano@semi.org
Phone: +1.408.943.7977