Equipment Cost of Ownership Calculation for PV, LED, FPD, MEMS

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Equipment Cost of Ownership Calculation for PV, LED, FPD, MEMS: Call for Participation

By Ian McLeod, SEMI Standards

The SEMI Standards North America Metrics Technical Committee seeks experts from the photovoltaic [PV], high brightness light emitting diode [HB-LED], flat panel display [FPD], and micro-electro mechanical systems [MEMS] to participate in equipment and process cost of ownership (COO) metrics standardization activities.

The committee’s Equipment Cost of Ownership Task Force has been approved to expand the scope and applicability of SEMI E35-0307 (Guide to Calculate Cost Of Ownership [COO] Metrics for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment) to include related industries such as PV, LED, FPD, and MEMS.

"The Cost of Ownership metrics are essential in understanding what cost factors are driving the cost to process a unit of production (e.g., wafer) and where to focus efforts most effectively to reduce the overall costs. These COO metrics are directly applicable to all types of manufacturing factories that produce the products covered by SEMI. However, some improvements, such as terminology, are needed for SEMI E35 to be more easily understood and applied to non-semiconductor factories." stated David L. Bouldin of Fab Consulting.

In addition to this expansion of SEMI E35, the Equipment COO Task Force will be reviewing SEMI E140-0305 (Guide to Calculate Cost of Ownership [COO] Metrics for Gas Delivery Systems). Planned updates to these documents include harmonizing SEMI E35 with SEMI E149-0708 (Guide For Equipment Supplier-Provided Documentation for the Acquisition and Use of Manufacturing Equipment) and planned revisions to SEMI E10-0304E (Specification for Definition and Measurement of Equipment Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability [RAM]), and correcting some known errors (e.g., definition of consumable to consumable part) in SEMI E35 and SEMI E140.

To take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to improvements in these SEMI COO Standards and network with other COO industry experts, or to stay informed of developments in this area, contact the Equipment COO TF co-chairs so they can add you to the TF membership and e-mail distribution lists (e.g., to receive copies of proposed revision drafts, meeting announcements, and minutes):

Daren Dance (Wright, Williams & Kelly [WWK]; and
David L. Bouldin (Fab Consulting,

The SEMI Standards Metrics Technical Committee is chartered to explore, evaluate, discuss, and formulate consensus-based standard measurement methods, specifications, guidelines, and practices that, through voluntary compliance, will promote mutual understanding and improved communication between users and suppliers of manufacturing equipment and materials to enhance the manufacturing capability of the semiconductor and related industries. Current activities include development of a guide to identification and classification of training levels; development of a standard for definition of active time and wait time; updating SEMI E33 (Specification for Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility Electromagnetic Compatibility) to harmonize with EU Machinery Directives); and publication of an auxiliary document on electrostatics.

SEMI Standards Watch – January 2011