PV Vibration Test Method Task Force Formed

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PV Vibration Test Method Task Force

The SEMI Standards PV Vibration Test Method Task Force was formed recently in Taiwan to tackle vibration- and shock-related issues common in the production line, which reduce module quality. “Vibrations and shocks are unavoidable during moving and transportation,” Dr. Jay Lin, the R&D Director from the module maker a2peak power Co. said. “From packing the module into the shipping box to loading it into the container with the forklift truck, vibrations and shocks are along the way… (They) might seem small and short, but the accumulated effects can cause permanent damages to the modules.” He also thinks that the manufacturers should take these problems seriously. The same opinion is shared by David Lee from King Design, a reliability-test equipment and service provider. “The value of PV modules lies not only in their efficiency but in their reliability. Apart from those in the production line, vibrations occurring in the operation environment also pose serious risks,” he said. “In the world of photovoltaics, the value equals efficiency multiplied by reliability.”

The Task Force is led by a team consisting of module and test equipment manufacturers, and a PV test research center. Teng-Chun Wu, the head of the PV Test Laboratory at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) stated, “We want to put together the needs of the industry, and encourage communications with the global industry to make the standards together.” “We hope that this standard would enable the industry to determine the influence of vibrations to the PV modules before they go into mass production, thereby providing useful information on the product design, the manufacturing process and system as well as the package design,” said Ariel Chiu from the Energy Project at AUO, who also emphasized that this standard could reduce the cost of product verification and maintenance significantly.

The Task Force welcomes feedback from the global PV industry and other standards development organizations. For more information, please contact Dr. Ivan Liu (ivanliu@itri.org.tw) or local SEMI staff Leon Huang (lhuang@semi.org).