North America Standards Spring 2010 Meetings

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North America Standards Spring 2010 Meetings

The North America (NA) Standards Spring 2010 meetings were held on March 29 through April 1 in the cities of San Jose and Santa Clara, California. This meeting set hosted nine technical committees and over 60 task forces engaged in various standardization activities including:

  • Anti-Counterfeiting (Preventing/Detecting Semiconductor Counterfeit Products)
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines
  • Factory Automation Hardware and Software
  • MEMS
  • Photovoltaic

While most of the Standards meetings were held at the SEMI Headquarters office in San Jose, SEMI wishes to thank Intel for hosting the Silicon Wafer and Physical Interfaces & Carriers meetings in their Santa Clara campus.

NA Standards Spring 2010 Meeting Highlights

Physical Interfaces & Carriers Committee
Draft Document 4688B (New Standard: Mechanical Specification for 450 mm AMHS Stocker to Transport Interface) passed technical committee review.

Silicon Wafer Committee
Draft Document 4724B (New Standard: Specification for Developmental 450 mm Diameter Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers) passed technical committee review.

Photovoltaic Committee
Approved a new Standards activity to develop a ‘Test Method for Measuring BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) Metrics to Monitor the Surface Roughness and Texture of PV Materials’ (#4921). Approved submission of 10 letter ballots (Cycle 3/Cycle 4 voting periods) to be adjudicated at SEMICON West 2010.

Information & Committee
Approved a new Standards activity, developed with the Korea Automation & Information (A&I) Working Group, on a ‘Specification for Carrier Transport Prediction’.

Facilities & Gases Committee
Approved a new Standards activity, developed with the Korea Facilities Working Group, on a ‘Specification for Equipment Fan Filter Unit (EFFU) Performance’ (#4922). The committee also revised the scope of an existing EFFU Standards activity (#4771, New Standard: Test Method for Equipment Fan Filter Unit (EFFU). Both documents #4771 and #4922 will be balloted for the Cycle 3, 2010 voting period and will be adjudicated at the next committee meeting scheduled for SEMICON West 2010.

MEMS Committee
Approved letter ballot submission for SEMI MS03 revision (#4719). SEMI MS03 – Terminology for MEMS Technology. Document #4719 will be submitted for the Cycle 3 voting period and adjudicated at SEMICON West 2010.

Metrics Committee
Newly chartered Product and Equipment Time Metrics (PETM) Task Force held its first meeting on Wednesday.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Committee
Three line items of draft document 4316F (Revision to SEMI S2, Environmental, Safety and Health Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, and SEMI S22, Safety Guideline for the Electrical Design of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Line Item Changes to SEMI S2 and S22 (In Delayed Effective Date Format)) passed technical committee review. The committee also approved a new task force chartered to develop a related information or an auxiliary document showing how SEMI S2 criteria map to the new EU Machinery Directive. Finally, the S10 (Risk Assessment) Revision Task Force returns to active status with plans to develop a new Related Information section on interlocks currently in discussion.

Traceability Committee
Draft Document 4488 (New Standard: Specification for Service Communication for Authentication for Semiconductors and Related Products) passed technical committee review.

Liquid Chemicals Committee
Approved formation of a new task force to update SEMI F63 (Guide for Ultrapure Water Used in Semiconductor Processing) to increase alignment with the ITRS roadmap where UPW is concerned. The focus will be on UPW for 65nm processes and newer. The Liquid Chemicals Committee meeting was held on April 6 in Saint Louis, Missouri. SEMI wishes to thank ICL Performance Products for hosting the Liquid Chemicals Committee meeting.

Microlithography Committee
Draft Document #4781 (Withdrawal of P38-1103, Specification for Absorbing Film Stacks and Multilayers on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Mask Blanks) passed technical committee review. The NA Microlithography Committee meeting was held on February 25 in conjunction with the SPIE Advance Lithography Conference in San Jose, CA. SEMI wishes to thank SPIE for providing the meeting space for the committee meeting.

While several high-profile documents mentioned above passed technical committee review, the next step in the approval process is to submit these ballots to the International Standards Committee Audits & Reviews Subcommittee (ISC A&R) for procedural review. If approved, these documents will be included in the July 2010 publication cycle and available through SEMIViews.

The Standards Reception was also held on Monday evening at the SEMI HQ lobby where Stan Myers, President & CEO of SEMI, welcomed the Standards volunteers and thanked them, as well as their companies, for their continued participation and support in the program.

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Upcoming NA Standards Meetings
The next North America Standards meetings will be held on July 12-15 in conjunction with SEMICON West 2010 in San Francisco, California. Meeting details and announcements will be provided shortly.

Standards Watch, April 2010