SEMIViews, Take a Fresh Look

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SEMIViews - Take a Fresh Look

If you haven’t seen SEMIViews for awhile, take another look, as a lot has changed in a year. SEMIViews was initially launched as a high-end data management tool, known as the “Professional” model. However, our customers told us they were not ready for the features that were offered, and asked SEMI to develop a scaled-down version. Based on this feedback, the Reader (read-only) and Reader Plus (save/print) versions were developed. For the time being, the “Professional” features - html, links, collections and notes - have been removed for further development and design. In doing so, the system has been allowing users faster access to the PDF files.

A new feature, just implemented in March, is the addition of historical documents. Throughout 2010 we will be adding all 37 years of SEMI Standards into the system. The first volume to be loaded was Safety, and members can now access the entire document history in one location. This is very beneficial for several reasons, especially if you have a piece of used equipment and need to match it to an older, superseded Standard. There are now two drop-down menus, one for language, and the other for document version. SEMIViews contains all currently published Standards in English (official language) and where available, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.

Standards Watch, April 2010