Energy Conservation: Utility Consumption Test Conditions and Report Formats

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Energy Conservation: Utility-Consumption Test Conditions and Report Formats - Call for Participation

SEMI S23-0708 is the Guide for Conservation of Energy, Utilities and Materials Used by Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. A working group of the SEMI S23 task force is preparing additions to the Related Information section of SEMI S23 to provide for suggested utility-consumption test conditions and report formats for some components and peripheral equipment commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment systems.

The components initially considered are dry vacuum pumps, refrigerated chillers and heat exchangers, although other components such as process power equipment may be considered soon. Also under discussion is the inclusion of Related Information for the application of efficiency rating systems for components and peripheral equipment. The goal of the working group is to produce suggested new Related Information in SEMI S23 for consideration on a future SEMI Standards Ballot.

The working group welcomes input and participation from all interested persons and is open to all SEMI Standards members. Individuals with experience in specification, utility-consumption testing, performance testing and application of the components listed above (and other-energy consuming components) may be particularly interested in participating. Component manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, end users of equipment, and all others interested in component energy efficiency, SEMI S23 or in SEMI Standards development related to the environmental performance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment are welcome. Interested persons may contribute at a variety levels, including coordinating activities for a particular type of component.

If you are interested in participating or would like additional information, please contact:
North America - Ian McLeod,
Japan - Akiko Yamamoto,