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Global MEMS / NEMS Committee

To develop standards for MEMS & NEMS devices that cannot be handled by existing technical committees. Current topics include Wafer Bonding Alignment Targets; Step-Height Measurements of Thin, Reflecting Films using an Optical Interferometer; and Ultra High Purity Microscale Fluidic Systems for Use in Scalable Process Environments.

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Global MEMS / NEMS Committee Activities

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SEMI MEMS / NEMS Standards

SEMI MS1-0812 Guide to Specifying Wafer-Wafer Bonding Alignment Targets
SEMI MS2-1113 Test Method for Step Height Measurements of Thin Films
SEMI MS3-0915 Terminology for MEMS Technology
SEMI MS4-0416Test Method for Young's Modulus Measurements of Thin, Reflecting Films Based on the Frequency of Beams in Resonance
SEMI MS5-0813Test Method for Wafer Bond Strength Measurements Using Micro-Chevron Test Structures
SEMI MS6-0308 Guide for Design and Materials for Interfacing Microfluidic Systems
SEMI MS7-0708 Specification for Microfluidic Interfaces to Electronic Device Packages
SEMI MS8-0309 (Reapproved 0915) Guide to Evaluating Hermeticity of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Packages
SEMI MS9-0611 Specification for High Density Permanent Connections Between Microfluidic Devices
SEMI MS10-0912 Test Method to Measure Fluid Permeation Through MEMS Packaging Materials

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