Standards Awards Winners at SEMICON West 2009

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Three North America Standards Volunteers Recognized at SEMICON West 2009

Even in times of reduced spending, workforce reductions, and restricted travel, there remains a number of Standards volunteers who manage to do more with less and continue to contribute significantly to SEMI’s standardization efforts. Three North America (NA) Standards members were recognized at the Standards Networking Event on Tuesday, July 14 during SEMICON West 2009. These outstanding volunteers have demonstrated remarkable leadership and accomplishments within SEMI Standards.

SEMI Congratulates the North America Standards 2009 Awards Recipients!

Left to right: Dave Brown (Intel), Yaw Obeng (NIST), and Long He (Intel)

North America Standards Merit Award: Dr. Long He of Intel

The Merit Award recognizes a major contribution to the semiconductor industry through the SEMI Standards Program. This award is presented to a Standards member who has taken on a complex problem at the task force level, gained industry support, and drove the project to completion. Dr. Long He of Intel was this year’s recipient of the NA Standards Merit Award.


For the past 14 years, Dr. He has been a process engineer focused on EUV mask technology development, especially on EUV reticle and handling protection. Dr. He has been a co-leader of the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Reticle Handling Task Force, under the NA Physical Interfaces & Carriers (PIC) Committee for several years. Using data from broad industry collaboration in reticle protection studies, he has helped the task force in balancing the needs of the physical interface and micropatterning communities, and addressing technical issues from both industry segments.

The result of these efforts is the recent publication of SEMI E152-0709, Mechanical Specification of EUV Pod for 150mm EUVL Reticles, which provides a framework for protecting reticles from contamination without using the traditional polymeric pellicles. Now that SEMI E152-0709 has been published, Dr. He , has moved on to his next project, leading standardization efforts with the EUV Fiducial Mark Task Forceunder the NA Microlithography Committee. For more information about SEMI E152-0709 or to purchase this Standard, click here.

North America Standards Leadership Award: Dr. Yaw Obeng of NIST

The Leadership Award is given to an individual for providing outstanding leadership in guiding the SEMI Standards Program. This award is presented to a Standards member who has either turned an inactive committee into an excellent performer or has helped others become more effective through training and mentoring. Dr. Yaw Obeng of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was this year’s recipient of the NA Standards Leadership Award.

Dr. Obeng has over 20 years of proven technical leadership in corporate, entrepreneurial and academic environments. Currently, he serves as a Senior Scientist with the Office of Microelectronics Programs at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

While Dr. Obeng has just recently become involved in the SEMI Standards Program in the past few years, he has already made major contributions to multiple committees and their standardization efforts. He is the co-chair of the North American Traceability Committee.

Dr. Obeng has been an unofficial leader of the Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force, chartered under the auspices of the NA Traceability Committee, and the development of four standardization efforts. He has helped guide the task force in determining future work as well as in harmonizing the Japan and North America teams to accomplish these goals. Furthermore, Dr. Obeng created and organized several workshops including the Product Authentication workshop series that began in early 2009. Dr. Obeng is an ambitious leader who motivates everyone in the North American Traceability Standards Technical Committee and has actively recruited key new Standards volunteers.

North America Standards Corporate Device Member Award: Dave Brown of Intel

The Corporate Device Member Award is presented to an individual who is acting officially or unofficially as corporate representative from a device manufacturer for outstanding contributions to the development of SEMI Standards. The award recognizes the participation of the user community and this individual is typically someone who has actively fostered support for SEMI Standards within the device community. Dave Brown of Intel was this year’s recipient of the NA Standards Corporate Device Member Award.

This engineer turned sleuth has over ten years of product fraud investigation experience and has led the SEMI Standards Anti-Counterfeiting Task Forcesince its creation in 2005. Mr. Brown is also active on the SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association)Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force and helped bring this group to SEMI, in an effort to help combat counterfeit products through standardization. He has helped bridge the work from these task forces with those of such organizations as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO).

Mr. Brown has moderated and presented in numerous SEMI workshops throughout the world, showcasing the problem of counterfeit electronics in the supply chain, all the while advocating the SEMI Standards task force work aimed to reduce the number of electronics and products globally. Through Intel’s support, Mr. Brown has played, and continues to play, an integral role in SEMI Standards anti-counterfeiting activities.

For more information about SEMI Standards Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Authentication efforts, please contact Ms. Susan Turner at +1.408.943.7019 or