New Technical Committees Formed in Japan

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New Technical Committees Formed in Japan Region

The SEMI International Standards Program is pleased to announce the approval of two new technical committees: The Japan FPD Metrology Committee and the Japan Photovoltaics Committee.

Japan PV Committee

Stakeholders in the Japan region have agreed to form the Japan PV committee based on consideration of the growth and demand for a healthy, efficient global PV industry.

The PV Industry took off from its early stage to become one of the major industries in the world in 20 years. It is clear that global standards are needed for healthy growth of the industry to deal with issues such as interfaces to be aligned in PV industry supply chain, further cost reduction for its sustainable growth, interchangeability, EHS for employees and communities, and so on. SEMI PV Standards activities have already started in Europe, North America, and Taiwan, and it is appropriate to now develop such a community in Japan.

The PV Committee’s charter is to explore, evaluate, discuss, and create consensus-based standard measurement methods, specifications, guidelines, and practices that, through voluntary compliance, will promote mutual understanding and improved communication between users and suppliers of photovoltaic manufacturing equipment, materials and services, and enhance the manufacturing efficiency and capability and shorten time-to-market so as to reduce manufacturing cost of the PV industry.

The Japan PV Committee will work to include liaisons and synergies with other SEMI technical committees for the development of PV-related standards. The PV standards committee scope is limited to exploring and developing standards that pertain to common criteria, guidelines, methods for control and comparison of PV-related process / metrology equipment, materials, components, or manufacturing operations. It will seek to support the international need for increasing PV product / process yield and reducing related PV costs per Watt peak. This committee will investigate opportunities towards harmonization of PV related efforts with other SDOs. In addition to the above, the committee will also facilitate any industry initiatives towards product standardization needs.

A Japan PV Committee kick-off meeting was successfully held on April 23 at SEMI Japan and was attended by over 30 members, including cell makers, equipment suppliers, materials suppliers, and so on. The Committee’s first actions included the establishment of a new Task Force: “PV Equipment Interface Specification (PV-EIS) TF.”

As the committee members need to identify areas to focus on, they have established a study group called the “Start Up Forum.” The first meeting was held on May 12 (attended by over 30 members), and the second meeting was scheduled for June 9 at SEMI Japan. To date, four areas have been tentatively assigned for the key issues:

  • Material/Metrics
  • AMHS
  • Data Control (to be worked on by PV-EIS TF)
  • Safety Guidelines

PV Standards Workshop

There will be a SEMI Standards Workshop and Technical Committee Meeting held in conjunction with PVJapan 2009 on Friday, June 26, from 13:30–15:00 in Room 301, Int’l Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe. The Workshop will be in Japanese only.

Standards for photovoltaic manufacturing are currently attracting attention. This workshop will cover topics related to poly silicon specifications, trends in glass size for thin-film cells, and other issues related to the standardization of equipment and materials. In this workshop, the following topics will be presented, followed by a Question and Answer period:

  • “Quality of Silicon Material for PV manufacturing and Standards” / Kazuhiko Kashima (Covalent Materials Corporation)
  • “Introduction of SEMI Safety Guidelines applicable for PV manufacturing” / Supika Mashiro (Canon ANELVA Corporation)
  • “SEMI Standards applicable for PV manufacturing – based on the experience at Semiconductor/FPD area” / Yoshihisa Shin (System V Corp.)

Japan FPD Metrology Committee

Since the SEMI Standards Global FPD Metrology Committee was introduced in July 2008, there has been a growing recognition of the need for this technical committee in the Japan region, as the Japan FPD industry is one of the most important manufacturing bases for global display products. There are a number of panel makers, measurement equipment makers, set makers, and academia in Japan. A greater involvement of this diverse set of stakeholders with a wide range of expertise would make for better standards in quality.

During the FPD International 2008 event, there was discussion at the FPD Coordination Group as to whether or not the Japan FPD Metrology Committee should be formed. A consensus for formation was reached, primarily due to the recognition that an organization to deliver collective input to FPD proposals from Korea and Taiwan was necessary in Japan. As existing Japan committees in the FPD field (FPD Mask, FPD Factory Automation, FPD Color Filter & Optical Elements) could not take on FPD metrology, the need was clear.

In early 2009, many of the Japanese stakeholders agreed to form the new committee in the Japan region. This consensus group included Panel/Set Makers (Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology, Sony) and Measurement Equipment Makers (Otsuka Electronics, Konica Minolta, Topcon).

A committee kick-off meeting was successfully held on May 14, 2009 at SEMI Japan; over 20 members attended. A face-to-face GCS meeting is expected to be held in conjunction with FPD International 2009 in October at Yokohama.

The group’s charter is to develop technical standard specifications and guidelines for FPD on image quality, performance measurement methods, and mechanical and electrical device characteristics.

The FPD Metrology Committee explores and develops standards that pertain to metrics, common criteria, guidelines, and methods for control and comparison of FPD-related metrology. Duplication of efforts with other ongoing standardization activities must be avoided. This committee will investigate opportunities towards ISO/IEC and even local national standard harmonization of Standardization efforts in LCD/ PDP/ OLED/ Electronic paper/ Flexible display/ 3D display/ other FPDs. In addition to the above, the committee will also facilitate any industry initiatives towards product standardization needs.

Current SEMI Global FPD Committee Matrix

Japan Standards

There are now 17 Technical Committees in the Japan region including these two newly formed committees. For more information about SEMI Standards in Japan, please contact Mr. Kenichiro Okuda at