Call for Companies to Host NA Standards Fall 2009 Meetings

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Call for Companies to Host NA Standards Fall 2009 Meetings

During the North America Standards Spring 2009 meetings we announced that due to the current economic climate, SEMI will not be able to host the Fall 2009 meetings offsite. Standards meetings have been traditionally held in a hotel venue. During the Spring 2009 meetings, SEMI Staff asked member companies to consider hosting task force and committee meetings that are scheduled to meet in the Fall. Since the announcement, a number of local companies active in Standards development have offered their facilities for some of the task force and committee meetings.

However, other committees and task forces are still in need of logistical support. A letter requesting for additional host companies was sent in early June to Standards members based in North America.

SEMI can host the Fall meetings as we did in 2008, but the meetings would have to be scheduled over multiple weeks. However, if local companies were to host the upcoming Fall event, a one-week meeting format, as preferred by most Standards members, can most likely be preserved.

Companies that have the capacity to host one or more meetings, especially task forces and/or committees where their employees are active in, are encouraged to contact SEMI by July 1, 2009. Based on the responses received, the final decision on the Fall 2009 meeting format will be announced shortly thereafter so that committees can plan ballot submission/adjudication accordingly at SEMICON West 2009. Committees and task forces are not required to meet in the Fall, especially if there is no urgent or critical business to address.

For more information, please contact Paul Trio.