Key Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Updated

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Key Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Updated

SEMI S2-0709 Now Available [View entire suite of SEMI Safety Guidelines]

SEMI S2, Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, is a cornerstone safety guideline for semiconductor fabs and for nearly a decade has been one of the most widely used documents in the industry. We are pleased to announce that the July 2009 milestone release of SEMI S2, SEMI S2-0709, is now available.

SEMI S2-0709 contains new criteria addressing mechanisms for hinged loads and a supplementary section addressing remote operation of equipment. In addition, this release contains updated criteria for lifting equipment, exhaust ventilation, tracer gas, and emergency off. The criteria on exhaust ventilation and tracer gas provide better alignment between SEMI S2 and SEMI S6, EHS Guideline for Exhaust Ventilation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. The criterion on emergency off improves alignment between SEMI S2 and SEMI S22, Safety Guideline for the Electrical Design of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. SEMI S22 is also referred to for a recently developed method of determining the short circuit current rating for an equipment supply circuit.

SEMI S2 is on a targeted release schedule

SEMI S2 is on a targeted release schedule; revisions typically become effective once every three years, rather than immediately upon approval. S2-0709 contains all changes approved since July 2006; the next milestone release of S2 is intended for July 2012. Users of S2 wishing to track upcoming revisions to S2 as they are approved can find these revisions in interim releases, indicated by a lowercase letter following the date code (e.g., S2-0709a). Revisions that will be effective in the next release are included at the back of the standard in Delayed Revision sections.

The SEMI S2-0709 abstract and purchasing information

About the EHS Committee

The EHS Committee is chartered to identify and develop international environmental, health and safety (EHS) guidelines fulfilling the technical needs of the semiconductor, flat panel display and other related industries. Current topics include Energy Conservation; Means of Conformance to SEMI S2; Robot and Loadport Safety; Chemical Exposure; Safety in Elevated Work; and Harmonization of Electrical Safety Criteria in SEMI S2 and SEMI S22. Upcoming meetings are scheduled for July 13-16, 2009 at SEMICON West 2009 in San Francisco, CA.

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Interested in Participating in EHS Committee activities?  Please contact our SEMI Standards staff.