Technical Education Programs at SEMICON West 2009

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Technical Education Programs at SEMICON West 2009

North America SEMI Standards is proud to present five educational opportunities this year at SEMICON West. Three educational opportunities will be led by our partners at NIST, ISMI, and STG (Standards Technology Group). NIST is co-hosting the Product Authentication Information Management (PAIM II) Workshop, ISMI is co-hosting the e-Manufacturing Workshop and EDA User Group, and STG is holding the SEMI PV Standards Equipment Performance and Communications seminar.

Tuesday, July 14th

Wednesday, July 15

Thursday, July 16

Why You Should Attend

The content of these courses directly pertain to the semiconductor, solar, and related industries. The topics were chosen and content developed by industry global experts. Many of these experts will be presenting advances in technology at SEMICON West.

Our courses are conservatively priced to assist the organizations and individuals affected by the global recession. Research has shown that as technology rapidly evolves education is more important than ever in order to stay current. And, can in fact help organizations and individuals innovate themselves out of the economic downturn.

Package design and manufacturing will have a continued significant impact on commercialization of MEMS products relying on hermeticity for functionality or reliability. The newly released SEMI document MS8-0309 will be presented. The need for further hermeticity standards will also be discussed.

Hermeticity is the ability of a seal to maintain an acceptable level of stable and sometimes inert ambience for packaged devices. Hermeticity is compromised over time by leaks, gas permeation, or internal outgassing. Current and emerging methods for evaluating hermeticity of MEMS packages will be discussed, with comparison of strengths and weaknesses of each approach.

To illustrate the many considerations involved, the development of the PSMX2 technology platform at Fraunhofer Institute will be presented. The technology platform is targeted at packaging of inertial sensors having very stringent requirements. These requirements have driven development of alternative procedures for evaluating hermeticity.

The primary mass flows of concern are leaks, permeation, and outgassing. Excellent progress has been made both towards obtaining quantitative measurements of these mass flows within the hermetically packaged MEMS system and in expanding the theoretical foundations of understanding them. Current state-of-the-art for determining the separate mass flows will be presented, along with methodologies for including this information in lifetime models.

In many advanced wafer applications, a much tighter specification of the edge profile is required to control variations in subsequent circuit processing. These specifications frequently include values for certain characteristics that describe the segments of the edge profile contour. The relevant parameters used for characterizing the edge profile in more detail than in the past will be discussed in the program as well as the methods used for extracting them from measured edge profiles. These new parameters require a new format for specifying (the edge profile of) wafers, which will also be presented. Finally the importance of accurate edge profile characterization and specification for device processing and the anticipated requirements for future technology generations will be addressed.

Distinguishing the genuine article from counterfeit is increasingly challenging, and accurate product authentication will require efficient access to information. Based on the discussion held during the first PAIM Workshop at NIST in February several issues are worthy of further discussion. First, understanding the risks associated with counterfeiting is critical to addressing the problem. This includes; the probability of counterfeit parts being used, the consequences of a counterfeit parts being used, and the types and costs of countermeasures. One area that warrants a closer look is obsolescence management as legacy articles are a frequent target for counterfeiters.

The creation of consistent cross-border standards could revolutionize PV and turn adoption into reality worldwide. SEMI Standards are in a unique position to accelerate appropriate standards activities for the PV industry. A major part of this industry is the equipment used to manufacture components for solar energy.

A key to the success of future semiconductor manufacturing is improved factory productivity. e-Manufacturing represents an unprecedented opportunity for IC Makers to improve manufacturing effectiveness and equipment suppliers to improve equipment design, performance, and customer service. IC manufacturers are critically dependent on access to detailed process and operational data from the equipment. These data are vital to manage the ever-increasing process complexity, reduce process variation, minimize the impact of excursions, and reduce equipment and overall factory cycle times.

This workshop will primarily focus on the Equipment Data Acquisition interface (aka Interface A). This EDA User Group meeting will provide a detailed description of the recently published ISMI EDA Guidance document and on proper development of the metadata concept. Sample examples will be provided to help implementers as they refine their metadata.

The EDA Guidance document provides technical guidance for implementers of the EDA interface to create consistent implementations. The primary focus is definition of the metadata; however this latest revision expands that scope to include selected guidance in other areas to help provide more complete guidance. The document includes a number of "rules" to direct metadata implementations.

This workshop provides an opportunity to further align IC Maker and supplier implementation strategies on the Interface A requirements.

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