EHS S12 Standardizing Decontamination of Manufacturing Equipment

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Standardizing Decontamination of Manufacturing Equipment

SEMI S12-0309 now available

Decontamination of equipment is an important practice that frequently has positive environmental and economic impacts. Performing decontamination in a timely and appropriate manner can reduce both the effort required to successfully decontaminate the equipment and the potential need for additional cleanup. It also often ensures further productive use of the equipment – that is, reuse, resale, repair, refurbishment, or relocation.

In recent years changes in fabs for semiconductors and related industries have resulted in an increase to the quantity of equipment needing decontamination and relocation. With that in mind, SEMI Standards is pleased to announce that a new edition of SEMI S12, Environmental, Health and Safety Guideline for Manufacturing Equipment Decontamination, is now available.

SEMI S12-0309 is a complete rewrite of the original SEMI S12, and a concise source of information that can be used by fab operators, tool brokers and OEMs. Features new to this version include baseline information for decontamination planning, safety approaches and equipment to use, and decontamination methods for specific manufacturing equipment. Also, users of this safety guideline will find a list of decontamination criteria to address hazards of concern for semiconductor equipment as well as suggested documents that may be useful to track the decontamination activities.

“In many cases when tools are sold or are returned from lease, additional costs are incurred due to tool decontamination either not being performed or being performed improperly,” says William Belk, co-leader of the S12 Rewrite Task Force. “[SEMI S12-0309] clearly indicates the need for tool decontamination and provides the guidelines as to exactly what is needed to render the tool safe for movement and/or shipment.”

The abstract and purchasing information for SEMI S12 can be found by clicking here.

About the EHS Committee: The EHS Committee is chartered to identify and develop international environmental, health and safety (EHS) guidelines fulfilling the technical needs of the semiconductor, flat panel display and other related industries. Current topics include Energy Conservation; Means of Conformance to SEMI S2; Robot and Loadport Safety; Chemical Exposure; Safety in Elevated Work; and Harmonization of Electrical Safety Criteria in SEMI S2 and SEMI S22. Upcoming meetings are scheduled for 2 April 2009 in Milpitas, CA, and 14 April 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.

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