Korea Standards Activities at SEMICON Korea 2009

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Korea Standards Activities at SEMICON Korea 2009

Technical Committee and Working Group Meetings

Korea Standards meetings were held on January 20-21 at the COEX Conference Center in Seoul in conjunction with SEMICON Korea 2009. The FPD Metrology Technical Committee met to discuss future projects and adjudicate two ballots that were issued in late 2008. Although both ballots failed the review process, it was a good learning experience for the committee, and valuable input to improve both ballots was received. (Formation of the Korea FPD Metrology Committee was approved by the International Standards Committee at SEMICON West 2008, and the TC and had its first meeting in September 2008.)

The Factory Automation Working Group also met during SEMICON Korea. (A WG can issue proposals for Standards, but these must be approved by an existing TC before they go to ballot) The Factory Automation WG’s current focus is on Control and Communication. As a first step, the WG will issue a SNARF (Standards New Activity Request Form) on a Standard for Variable Data Item to theNA Information and Control Committee in March.

SEMI Standards Related Programs

Korea EHS and Factory Automation Standards Working Group members, in collaboration with Standards members from North America and Japan, presented two SEMI Standards-related seminars (EHS, EDA) and one workshop ( Energy Conservation) during SEMICON Korea 2009. Participants were quite satisfied with the programs, in particular the Energy Conservation Workshop, which offered a good opportunity to learn about SEMI S23 (Guide for Conservation of Energy, Utilities and Materials Used by Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment) and share best practices with major device manufacturers, and equipment & component suppliers focused on energy conservation. In addition, the EDA seminar featured speakers from Samsung and Hynix, who shared their experiences with industry people. For more details, please visit the SEMICON Korea website.

These events at SEMICON Korea 2009 gave great exposure to the SEMI International Standards Program and how it provides value to the industry, and also highlighted how Korean industry is utilizing SEMI Standards to improve its competitive position. For more information on SEMI Standards activities in Korea, please contact Ms. Natalie Shim at eshim@semi.org.

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