New SEMI Standards Procedure Guide

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New SEMI Standards Procedure Guide

We are pleased to announce a new version of the Procedure Guide, detailing SEMI Standards Processes and Practices, published November 18. This version of the Guide reflects both changes to the regulations governing SEMI Standards Committees and the evolution of common practices not governed by the regulations since the publication of the previous version of the guide in 2006. Significant changes have been made to all sections.

New content includes

  • Minority reports, interim standards, and preliminary standards
  • Types of revision ballots (e.g., major revision, line item revision, revision of multiple standards)
  • American National Standards
  • Committee meeting minutes and express reports (CERs)

Updated content includes

  • The distinction between rejects and negatives
  • Appendices, related information, and auxiliary information
  • Procedural review of ballots approved by technical committees

The revision process for this edition to the guide also included extensive general editing for consistency of terminology and accuracy of references to the regulations, resulting in a document that is significantly easier to use and understand than its predecessor. The new procedure guide is available on the SEMI web site at: