SEMICON Europa 2008 - SEMI Europe Standards Meetings

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SEMICON Europa 2008 – SEMI Europe Standards Meetings

Sponsor: Brooks Automation


The Standards-related programs and meetings (over 20 meetings and workshops in total) continued this year to provide a forum for the key players in the semiconductor industry to come together and discuss standardization needs and other issues affecting the industry.



  • Four Standards (Compound Semiconductor, Information & Control) from Europe approved for publication
  • Productive session on 'Glass wafer' standards at the MEMS committee meeting with key players present
  • Good turnout at ERSC committee meeting with concrete review of each technical committee’s strategy
  • Very productive workshops with good debates

SEMI Europe Standards Honor Awardgiven to Roy Blunt for his outstanding support to the standards program over the past decade.


  • Overall total of approximately 100 attendees over the 3 days (Mostly Equipment and Materials suppliers and some device makers)
  • Main participant companies at meetings and workshops include: ASML, Applied Materials, Suss Microtech, Intel, Canon Anelva, IQE, FCM, Entegris, Si. Crystal, Fraunhofer, Peer Group, AIS Automation, Siemens AG, Inrecon, XFAB, Siltronic, GeMeTec, Pall, MEMC, Soitec, SUMCO, Micronit, Plan Optik, Berliner Glas, SAFC Hitech, AirProducts, Solvay, Particle Measuring Systems Inc., Fujifilm Electronics Materials, Verigy, Semitool and others.
  • Total 40 attendees for the 7th Silicon Wafer Workshop
  • Total 24 attendees for the Particle Measurement Workshop
  • Total of 14 attendees for the 2 standards training programs


  • 21% Senior Management (Directors, Presidents and General Managers)
  • 31% Managers (Business Development Managers, Lab Managers, Marketing Managers and Operations Managers)
  • 16% Senior Engineering (Senior Engineers, Senior Software Developers, Senior Scientists and Professors)
  • 20% Engineering (Engineers, Software Developers and Scientists)
  • 12% Others (Officers, Analysts, Students and Consultants)

Evaluation of workshops

  • 42% Excellent for 7th Silicon Wafer Workshop
  • 58% Good for the 7th Silicon Wafer Workshop
  • 25% Excellent for the Particle Measurement Workshop
  • 75% Good for the Particle Measurement Workshop
  • 81% of overall workshop attendees learned something that can be applied to their day-to-day work
  • STEP Programs rated good overall

Comments from attendees - what they would like to see more in the future

  • More Solar Topics
  • More Process Control Topics
  • Longer Breaks for Networking
  • More information on 450mm Progress

For more information on SEMI International Standards activities in Europe, please contact Mr. Saviour Alfino at