North America Fall 2008 Standards Meetings Travel Restaurants

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Lunchtime (within 1 mile)

Note that lunch will be catered for some meetings. Please contact the Standards engineer for your committee(s) for more information.

There are 3 centers with multiple places to eat within a short drive of SEMI HQ: River Oaks, North 1st and Trimble, and Rivermark.

► River Oaks: 670 River Oaks Pkwy (at Montague)

China Taste
Premier Pizza
Una Mas
Also: Starbucks

► North 1st and Trimble

Carls Jr
De La Cruz Deli
Honba Sushi Express
Olives Greek Cafe
Pho Viet
Premier Pizza
Sangam Indian Cuisine
Thai Orchid Thai Cuisine
Ume Chinese Fast Food
Una Mas
Also: Starbucks

► Rivermark Plaza: Montague Expwy and Agnew

Baja Fresh
Mezbaan Indian Restaurant
Piatti Ristorante
Premier Pizza
Red Robin
Yan Can
Yo Yo Restaurant
Also: Safeway (deli inside), Jamba Juice, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Fantasia Coffee and Tea, Coldstone Creamery


The most appropriate recommendation here is probably to ask your fellow committee members who live in the area, or the concierge at your hotel, as there are good restaurants for every taste within a 20 minute drive. We’ve included a couple of areas below where there are restaurants bunched together and easy to find.

► Nearby:

  • McCarthy Ranch (Mostly chain restaurants -- On the Border, Applebees, etc.)
    Take Montague Expwy east, turn left on McCarthy Blvd, cross 237, turn right on Ranch Dr.
  • Bellew Dr and Barber Ln (Predominantly small, Asian restaurants)
    Take Montague Expwy east, turn left on McCarthy Blvd, turn right on Bellew Dr.

► A little further:

  • Japantown
    Take N. 1st St south, then turn left on Taylor.
  • Downtown San Jose
    Over 100 restaurants of all kinds. Can be accessed by light rail ( as well as by car.