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Sony: damage investigation is complete
(Evertiq - 4 May 2016)

Imec honors Dr. Gordon Moore with “Lifetime of Innovation Award”
(Solid State Technology - 3 May 2016)

SEMICON West 2016 delivers new programs; Free registration ends May 6
(Solid State Technology - Blog - 3 May 2016)

Outside of Mark Zuckerberg, nobody wants to be CEO of a tech company – 4 step down from position in just 24 hours
(Electronic Products Magazine - 3 May 2016)

SEMICON West 2016 Delivers New Programs – Free Registration Ends May 6
(EMS Now - 3 May 2016)

Chip Sales Edge Up Slightly
(Electronic Engineering Times - 2 May 2016)

Solar Plane Takes Off on Next Leg
(EE Times Blogs - 2 May 2016)

From catching up to forging ahead: China’s new role in the semiconductor industry
(Solid State Technology - 2 May 2016)

Researchers Develop Dissolvable Memristor
(Electronic Engineering Times - 2 May 2016)

MEDIA ALERT: Advantest's VOICE 2016 Developer Conference Opens May 10 in San Diego, CA and May 18 in Taiwan, Offering Technical Sessions, Keynote Speakers, Interactive Kiosks and Networking Activities
(Bloomberg - 2 May 2016)

Indian Fabs, the Free Market and Central Planning
(EE Times Blogs - 29 Apr 2016)





Crowd funding changing the game for chip firms
(Electronics Weekly - 29 Apr 2016)

Chips for Energy Harvesting: The Next Billion-Dollar Market
(Electronic Engineering Times - 28 Apr 2016)

A tiny switch for a few particles of light
(Nanowerk - 28 Apr 2016)

Taiwanese government should provide more support for solar panel industry
( - 28 Apr 2016)

High volume 450mm IC wafer fabs not before 2020
(Evertiq - 28 Apr 2016)

Deep Space Design Considerations
(Semiconductor Engineering - 28 Apr 2016)

Rhines Expounds on the Deconsolidation of the Semiconductor Industry
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community - 27 Apr 2016)

Blog Review: April 27
(Semiconductor Engineering - 27 Apr 2016)

Intersolar North America Expands Conference Offerings, Off-site Tours, Networking Opportunities
(Bloomberg - 26 Apr 2016)

Latest Advancements in Sensor Technology Examined at SEMI European MEMS Summit
(EMS Now - 26 Apr 2016)

Carbon nanotube semiconductors are well-suited for photovoltaics
(Nanowerk - 26 Apr 2016)

Has the moment finally arrived for AR and VR
(New Electronics - 26 Apr 2016)

BRIEF-Taiwan's TSMC orders equipment for T$2.6 bln
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters - 25 Apr 2016)

SV150: Chip industry saw another year of consolidation [Mercury News]
(Bloomberg - 25 Apr 2016)

Latest advancements in sensor technology examined at SEMI European MEMS Summit
(Solid State Technology - Blog - 25 Apr 2016)

Air Products Again Named to Corporate Responsibility Magazine's 100 Best Corporate Citizens List
(Bloomberg - 25 Apr 2016)

IoT Security Spending to Skyrocket
(Electronic Engineering Times - 25 Apr 2016)

NREL theory overcomes barrier to using 2D semiconductors in electronic and optoelectronic devices
(Semiconductor Today - 25 Apr 2016)

Roll-to-Roll Flexible Electronics to Hit 100GHZ?
(Electronic Engineering Times - 25 Apr 2016)

10nm Versus 7nm
(Semiconductor Engineering - 25 Apr 2016)

Korea to Boost OLED Development with Increased Subsidies in 2017
(LEDInside - 25 Apr 2016)

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts March 2016 book-to-bill ratio of 1.15
(Solid State Technology - 22 Apr 2016)

China's Licensing Thrill
(Bloomberg - 21 Apr 2016)

TSMC orders equipment for NT$2.29 billion
(Digitimes - 21 Apr 2016)

O2O Leads Chinese Startups' Boom And Bust Cycle
( - 21 Apr 2016)

Next-Generation Chips Hit a Snag
(Bloomberg - 21 Apr 2016)

The Big Race
(Semiconductor Engineering - 21 Apr 2016)

China’s Chip Patent Growth May Be Short Lived
(EE Times Blogs - 21 Apr 2016)

Samsung Foundry’s Business Strategy
(Semiconductor Engineering - 21 Apr 2016)

2015: A Year In Review
(Semiconductor Engineering - 21 Apr 2016)

With simple process, engineers fabricate fastest flexible silicon transistor
( - 20 Apr 2016)

imec opens new cleanroom to advance GaN-on-silicon, MEMs,silicon photonics innovation »
(Silicon Semiconductor - 11 Mar 2016)

Slow but positive 2016 followed by double digits in 2017
(Solid State Technology - Blog - 10 Mar 2016)

Thailand’s semiconductor sector on-track to tap $280B global automotive electronics industry
(Solid State Technology - 9 Mar 2016)

IoT Planet to co-locate with SEMICON Europa in 2016
(Solid State Technology - 9 Mar 2016)

Applied Materials honored as a 2016 World’s Most Ethical Company
(Solid State Technology - 8 Mar 2016)

EVG's executive technology director Paul Lindner receives European SEMI Award
(Semiconductor Today - 8 Mar 2016)

Advice for Silicon Startups
(Electronic Engineering Times - 8 Mar 2016)

Manufacturing Bits: March 8
(Semiconductor Engineering - 8 Mar 2016)

Creation of first practical silicon-based laser: Researchers take giant step towards 'holy grail' of silicon photonics
( - 7 Mar 2016)

FlexTech Presents FLEXI Awards for Flexible Electronics Innovation, R&D, and Leadership
(Printed Electronics Now - 7 Mar 2016)

2016FLEX Features Innovative Manufacturing Trends, New Products and a Bright Industry Future
(EMS Now - 7 Mar 2016)

Four Reasons Today's Disruptive Innovations Are Better And Cheaper, And What To Do About It
( - 7 Mar 2016)

The Future Is Flexible and Printed
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community - 4 Mar 2016)

58 percent of Pure-Play Foundry Capacity Under High Risk for Seismic Activity »
(Silicon Semiconductor - 4 Mar 2016)

E.U. Tackles III-V on CMOS
(Electronic Engineering Times - 4 Mar 2016)

Outstanding Group of Companies and Individuals Receive FlexTech's FLEXI Awards for Flexible Electronics Innovation
(EMS Now - 4 Mar 2016)

Chip Sales Off to Slow Start to 2016
(Electronic Engineering Times - 4 Mar 2016)

Safe But Boring
(Semiconductor Engineering - 3 Mar 2016)

Panel equipment vendors see booming orders from China
(Digitimes - 3 Mar 2016)

IFTLE 276 SEMI ISS 2016: The Focus Shifts to Packaging
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design - 2 Mar 2016)

Blog Review: March 2
(Semiconductor Engineering - 2 Mar 2016)

Cisco buying Israel's Leaba Semiconductor for $320 million
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters - 2 Mar 2016)

TSMC to double 16nm chip production, says report
(Digitimes - 1 Mar 2016)

Future Billionaires
( - 1 Mar 2016)

System Bits: March 1
(Semiconductor Engineering - 1 Mar 2016)

NextFlex, America's First-Ever Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute, Names Founding Members
(PR Newswire - 29 Feb 2016)

The Taiwanese Earthquake That Nearly Cancelled the Apple iPhone 7
( - 29 Feb 2016)

Preparing For The IoT Data Tsunami
(Semiconductor Engineering - 29 Feb 2016)

Bipartisan customs bill combats counterfeit semiconductors
(Solid State Technology - Blog - 26 Feb 2016)

Physicists prove new potential for silicon chips
( - 26 Feb 2016)

ASML Details Advances in DUV, Metrology, EUV
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community - 25 Feb 2016)

What’s the Next-Gen Litho Tech? Maybe All of Them
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community - 25 Feb 2016)

EUV 2.0 Decision Needed
(Electronic Engineering Times - 25 Feb 2016)

Sharp accepts $5.9bn Foxconn takeover bid
(International Business Times UK - 25 Feb 2016)

Talk Fast And Stop
(Semiconductor Engineering - 25 Feb 2016)

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts January 2016 book-to-bill Ratio of 1.08
(Solid State Technology - 24 Feb 2016)

How IBM Plans To Innovate Past Moore's Law
( - 24 Feb 2016)

Call for Papers Open for SEMICON Europa 2016 and 2016FLEX Europe
(U.S. Tech Interactive - 24 Feb 2016)

Using STEM to Make a Difference in Their Communities, 15 Public Schools are Named National Finalists in the $2 million* Solve for Tomorrow Contest
(Bloomberg - 24 Feb 2016)

What’s Next For DRAM?
(Semiconductor Engineering - 24 Feb 2016)

Semiconductor M&A Is Poised to Rise
(Bloomberg - 23 Feb 2016)

Semiconductor capital spending rebound fails to materialize in 2015
(Solid State Technology - Blog - 23 Feb 2016)

A Winning Formula
(Semiconductor Engineering - 22 Feb 2016)

Germany and Israel collaborate on laser of unrivalled precision
( - 22 Feb 2016)

How Healthy Is The Chip Market?
(Semiconductor Engineering - 22 Feb 2016)

The Big Shift
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 18)

Memory Lane: Far From A Leisurely Stroll
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 18)

The Economics Of Moore’s Law
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 18)

Punchy proteins could help advance drug delivery, MEMS devices (w/video)
(Nanowerk, Feb 17)

Europe launches three pilot lines for photonics
(EE Times Europe Analog, Feb 17)

Urban Miners Hunt for Gold in Piles of Electronic Trash
(Bloomberg, Feb 16)

Fairchild rejects Chinese takeover bid
(EE Times Europe Analog, Feb 16)

Partnership to deliver next-generation lithography process
(New Electronics, Feb 15)

Vertical Nanolasers Open Optical Ports Out of Silicon
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 15)

Silicon wafer shipments rise 3% in 2015, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Feb 15)

TSMC: Earthquake hit harder than originally thought
(Evertiq, Feb 15)

2016FLEX to Gather over 600 Experts in Flexible Hybrid Electronics
(EMS Now, Feb 12)

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2016 comes back to Penang
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Feb 11)

2016FLEX to Focus on Latest Advances in Flexible and Printed Electronics
(Printed Electronics Now, Feb 10)

SEMI launches new integrated packaging assembly and test group
(Solid State Technology, Feb 10)

Blog Review: Feb. 10
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 10)

Future Intel chip tech will sacrifice speed gains for power efficiency
(Computer World Singapore, Feb 09)

Future Intel chip tech will sacrifice speed gains for power efficiency
(PCWorld, Feb 09)

EUV Gets $500M Center
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 09)

Strong Taiwan quake appears to have little effect on chip industry
(Computer World Singapore, Feb 08)

Call for Papers issued for SEMICON Russia
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Feb 08)

China’s Impact On The Semiconductor Market
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 08)

Yield and cost challenges at 16nm and beyond
(Solid State Technology, Feb 08)

ASE update on the Feb 6, 2016 Taiwan earthquake
(Bloomberg, Feb 08)

Himax Technologies, Inc. Headquarters and Manufacturing Facilities Little Affected by February 6th Earthquake
(Bloomberg, Feb 08)

Taiwanese earthquake halts production
(Evertiq, Feb 08)

Taiwan Quake: TSMC, UMC Assess Impact; Expect Recovery in Days
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 07)

Taiwan’s Electronics Makers Unruffled After Earthquake, Say Business As Usual
(International Business Times, Feb 06)

Earthquake hits key Taiwan Science Park
(Digitimes, Feb 06)

What’s happening in the China market?
(Solid State Technology, Feb 05)

Interview (Part 2 of 2): Leti Is A Catalyst For The FD-SOI Ecosystem, CEO Marie Semeria Explains Where They’re Headed
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Feb 05)

TSMC's 300mm Chinese Wafer Fab Wins Approval
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 03)

FinFETs Flow at Samsung, TSMC
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 03)

Taiwan approves TSMC plans for $3 bn plant in China
(, Feb 03)

North American Equipment Industry Posts December Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.99 »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Feb 02)

Scientists present smallest man-made lattice structure
(Nanowerk, Feb 02)

A heat-seeking slingshot: Liquid droplets show ability to cool extremely hot surfaces
(, Feb 01)

Global semiconductor sales top $335B in 2015
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Feb 01)

Be-leaf it or not, scientists have proven a battery can be made using a leaf
(Electronic Products Magazine, Feb 01)

ISS Europe 2016: Reaching into a new era
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Feb 01)

Revolutionising nanomaterial production
(New Electronics, Feb 01)

Chip Sales Dipped Slightly in 2015
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 01)

Foundries takeover 200mm fab capacity by 2018
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Feb 01)

Japan Takes Economic Action, Lifting Stocks Around the Globe
(, Jan 29)

Are Chips Getting More Reliable?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 28)

Exploring the world of quantum dots
(, Jan 28)

Engineers develop hand-held pen-sized microscope to identify cancer cells outside the lab
(International Business Times UK, Jan 27)

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts December 2015 book-to-bill ratio of 0.99
(Solid State Technology, Jan 27)

TI to Shutter Scotland Fab
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 27)

UMC Raises 2016 Capex to $2.2 Billion on Improving Outlook
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 27)

Why LED lighting is so important to the chip market
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 27)

Blog Review: Jan. 27
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 27)

CES 2016 Highlights Top Trends
(Printed Electronics Now, Jan 26)

SMIC to Benefit from $3 Billion Investment
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 26)

China semiconductor acquisitions surge; SEMICON China brings the new market into focus
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Jan 26)

SEMICON Korea opening: Memory and mobility drive IC manufacturing
(Solid State Technology, Jan 26)

SEMICON Korea Opening: Memory and Mobility Drive IC Manufacturing
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jan 26)

Semiconductor Acquisitions Surge in China, SEMICON China Brings the New Market into Focus
(EMS Now, Jan 26)

Japanese companies must adapt to survive
(Nikkei Asian Review, Jan 26)

Manufacturing Bits: Jan. 26
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 26)

NBC LEARN DEBUTS SIX-PART VIDEO SERIES, “NANOTECHNOLOGY: SUPER SMALL SCIENCE” Produced by NBC Learn in partnership with the National Science Foundation, and narrated by NBC News/MSNBC’s Kate Snow, series highlights leading research in nanotechnology
(Nanotechnology Now, Jan 25)

Chip Stacks Take New Tacks
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 25)

Semiconductor R&D Spending Slows
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 25)

Synaptics Deal Shows China's Heightened Appetite For Foreign Chipmakers
(, Jan 22)

Industry Road Map Under Construction
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 21)

Chasing China's 'Big Fund'
(EE Times India: Electronics Design & Engineering, Jan 21)

Deep UV: the road to mass production
(Compound Semiconductor, Jan 21)

Semiconductor R&D growth slows in 2015, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Jan 21)

Coming To A Fab Near You?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 21)

Obama Delivers Unique State-of-the-Union Speech
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 21)

Predictions For 2016: Semiconductors, Manufacturing And Design
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 21)

EUV Improves But Not Ready
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 20)

Will 5nm Happen?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 20)

China’s Chip Jackpot Teases
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 19)

Qualcomm sets up joint venture in China for server chips
(Computerworld, Jan 18)

Qualcomm Enters $280M Joint Venture with Chinese Province
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 18)

Pfeiffer Vacuum presents innovative vacuum solutions at the trade fairs Semicon Korea and Semicon China
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Jan 18)

Pfeiffer Vacuum presents vacuum solutions at Semicon Korea and Semicon China »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Jan 18)

Qualcomm sets up joint venture in China for server chips
(Computerworld Hong Kong, Jan 18)

Qualcomm and Guizhou Province create 280 million USD joint venture
(Microwave Engineering Europe, Jan 18)

TSMC expects to launch 5nm node 2 years after 7nm
(Digitimes, Jan 18)

SEMI Awards Honor Process and Technology Integration Achievements
(EMS Now, Jan 15)

SEMI Awards honor process and technology integration achievements
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Jan 14)

Advanced Packaging Is Real. Now What?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 14)

TSMC Boosts 2016 Capex to About $9.5 Billion
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 14)

3D XPoint Steps Into the Light
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 14)

Thinking Outside The Chip
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 14)

Advanced packaging industry: What’s new on the market?
(Solid State Technology, Jan 13)

Growth and a changing ecosystem at SEMI ISS 2016
(Solid State Technology, Jan 13)

Blog Review: Jan. 13
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 13)

Chip Forecasts, Drivers Diverge
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 12)

Manufacturing Bits: Jan. 12
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 12)

Collaboration is the centerpiece to push the limits of lithography
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Jan 11)

Viewpoints: 2016 outlook
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Jan 11)

Equipment Sales Were Mixed Bag In 2015
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 11)

What to Expect in 2016 in the Chipworld
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 11)

Four Reasons 2016 Will Be a Strong Year for M&A
(, Jan 11)

What to Expect in 2016 in the Chipworld
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 11)

Four Reasons 2016 Will Be a Strong Year for M&A
(, Jan 11)

Global semiconductor revenue fell marginally in 2015, says Gartner
(IBTimes, Jan 07)

A wild ride in 2015 – and two steps forward in 2016
(Solid State Technology - Blog, Jan 07)

Changes In Chip Design
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 07)

2016 Global Technology Predictions from IHS Analysts »
(Silicon Semiconductor, Jan 06)

Should We Have AI Anxiety?
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 06)

Rich, thin televisions vie for crown at CES
(, Jan 05)

Belle Wei appointed to SEMI Foundation board of trustees
(Solid State Technology, Jan 05)

Fairchild says Chinese bid could be better
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jan 05)

Fairchild’s Board Backs Bid From Chinese Firms
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 05)

MEMS fabrication on the cheap
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jan 05)

How Printed Electronics Continues to Reshape the Electronics Industry
(Design News, Jan 05)

A Year in Review: A look back at the top stories from 2015
(Solid State Technology, Jan 04)

Intel Completes Acquisition of Altera
(Scientific Computing, Jan 04)

The top 20 news articles on analog, MEMS and sensors in 2015
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jan 04)

CEO Outlook: 2016
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 04)

Why We Are Running Out of Helium And What We Can Do About It
(, Jan 01)

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