Documentary Features Personal Stories from Pioneers in IC Manufacturing

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SEMI’s “Great Moments” Paintings from 1980 Brought to Life on DVD

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 7, 2005 – Pioneers in semiconductor manufacturing reveal personal stories in a new video documentary produced by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

“Great Moments in Semiconductor History”, a 28-minute video available on DVD, was inspired by a series of watercolor paintings by Santa Cruz artist James de Leon. The paintings, commissioned by SEMI between 1980 and 1982, depict 12 “Great Moments” in the history of semiconductor manufacturing up until that time. They include the discovery of the transistor, the planar process, the invention of the IC, development of IC packaging, plasma processing, ion implantation, automatic testing, and lithography.

"The Great Moments documentary is both entertaining and educational," said Duane Wadsworth, a member of the SEMI board of directors. “It will serve as an important archive of personal stories from some the pioneers in the semiconductor industry.”

“It is important to preserve the history of the industry that opened the door to the information age,” said G. Dan Hutcheson, CEO of VLSI Research Inc. and founder of The Chip History Center. “I applaud SEMI’s efforts in producing this documentary that chronicles Great Moments in Semiconductor History.”

The video features interviews with key device pioneers, including Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce, co-inventors of the IC, and Gordon Moore, who worked with Jean Hoerni on the planar process which preceded the invention of the IC. The Kilby interview was taped in December 2004. He died June 20, aged 81, after a short battle with cancer.

In the area of equipment and materials, the documentary features interviews with Alex d’Arbeloff, co-founder of Teradyne; Phil Gregory Jr., son of Philip Gregory Sr., who served as head of SEMI for eight years; Robert Lorenzini, founder of Siltec; Michael McNeilly, founder of Applied Materials; Robert Palmer, co-founder of Mostek; and Burton Wheeler, a lithography pioneer who began his career at David W. Mann Co.

Bonus materials on the DVD include restored digital images of the 12 original Great Moments Paintings. The program is introduced by Stanley T. Myers, president and CEO of SEMI.

The DVD will be made available to attendees at the SEMICON West President’s reception, to be held at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel, starting 6.00 p.m. July 11. Additional copies may be purchased directly from SEMI.

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