Media Advisory: SEMI Press Conference at SEMICON Singapore 2005

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Tuesday, 3 May 2005, 11.00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Level 3, Room 312

SEMI will provide a briefing on the state of the global semiconductor manufacturing industry, status and outlook for the semiconductor equipment and materials sector and highlights about the SEMICON Singapore show. An executive panel will discuss regional industry trends and offer their expertise and perspectives for the relevance of local audiences.

At the press conference, SEMI will also introduce the “High Tech U” programme as part of the acclaimed Workforce Development Initiative of the SEMI Foundation. The programme, a partnership between SEMI and semiconductor industry companies, introduces secondary/high school students to the science of making semiconductors and exploring career opportunities available within the high-tech industries. The first programme will be held here in 2006. The press will have the first glimpse into this programme and what it brings to students in Singapore

- Stanley T. Myers, president and CEO, SEMI, “Global Market Update”
- George Lin, president, SEMI South East Asia, “SEMICON Singapore 2005 Highlights”
- Marcel Wismer, President, Unaxis Singapore

Reporters and editors who would like to attend should contact Evelyn Tay (Tel: + 65 6539 9295; Mobile: + 65 9828 0393; e-mail:

SEMICON SINGAPORE 2005 – Key Seminars
**The following two Keynote Speeches are Free for the General Public

Tuesday, 3 May 0900 - 1000
Keynote: 300mm Manufacturing Excellence
ANG Kay Chai
Senior Vice President, Fab Operations
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing

Thursday, 5 May 0900- 1000
Keynote: Semi Play vs Semi Syndrome: The Ever Changing Business Landscape
Tien WU, President ASE Americas & Europe,
Worldwide Sales & Marketing
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group (ASE)

3 May
09:00-17:00 Wafer Processing Technology:
Session 1: Yield Management
Session 2: Productivity
Session 3: Technology
13:00-17:00 S.T.E.P. (Standards Technical Education Programme)

3-4 May
09:00-17:00 Semiconductor Processing Technology (Day 1-2 of 3)

4 May
13:00-17:00 Workshop: e-Manufacturing Guidelines and Standards
14:00-17:00 5th Semiconductor Market Trends Briefing

5 May
09:00-13:00 Semiconductor Processing Technology (Day 3 of 3)
09:00-17:00 Advanced Packaging Technologies (Day 1 of 2):
Session 1: Leading Edge Assembly Technologies
Session 2: Copper Interconnects
09:00-15:00 TEST/TAP Automation and Integration

6 May
10:00-12:30 Advanced Packaging Technologies (Day 2 of 2):
Session 3: Green Materials and Packaging
Session 4: New Packages and Product Development