What's New at SEMICON West 2010

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What's New at SEMICON West 2010

This may be the 40th SEMICON West, but there is always something new to see at West. Each year, SEMI works to identify and incorporate new ideas, new segments, and new events, keeping SEMICON West fresh and dynamic in an ever-changing industry environment. Here is a quick sample of some of what's new at SEMICON West 2010:

IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC 2010)

The biggest new event to come to SEMICON West is the IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC), one of the world's premier forums for microelectronics manufacturing technology and engineering, which will be held July 11-13 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, adjacent to the Moscone Center. The new co-location of ASMC, which previously alternated locations between the United States and Europe, brings an established and highly respected technical agenda and key partner in the IEEE to SEMICON West.

The TechSITEs

Complementing the popular TechXPOT and Extreme Electronics technical presentation stages are the two new TechSITEs, one each located in North and South Hall. Where the larger TechXPOT and Extreme Electronics stages are focused on broad technology sessions in a "mini-conference" environment, the smaller TechSITEs feature a wide and varied schedule of topics and sessions, including presentations on test, design, secondary equipment and services, automation, CMP, precious metals, plasma, and junction technology.

Spotlight on 3DIC

With the market for 3DIC technology growing fast, SEMICON West 2010 will showcase presentations and exhibitors focused on 3DIC solutions across the event. Two packaging-focused sessions at the TechXPOT (North Hall) on Tuesday, July 13, will touch on the technical challenges and opportunities of packaging and chip integration for 3DIC. The Tuesday, July 13 afternoon session at the TechSITE North will explore the topic of co-design and how design process improvements will speed the deployment of 3DIC technology. Finally, in addition to partner events that will touch on the challenges and opportunities for 3DIC, SEMICON West will showcase 3DIC companies, products and solutions as part of a special 3DIC TechZONE in North Hall. A complete roundup of 3DIC at SEMICON West can be found online at www.semiconwest.org/Segments/3DIC.

Virtual SEMICON West

Virtual trade shows have begun to emerge as a compliment to physical trade events. Across the trade show industry, these "hybrid" events are helping enhance—not replace—traditional expositions and meetings. For 2010, SEMI is experimenting with this emerging technology by hosting the first "Virtual SEMICON West."

Virtual SEMICON West will offer online visitors a sample of the live content available in San Francisco., including a selection of live and re-broadcast presentations and technical presentations, as well as virtual booths from a number of SEMICON West exhibitors offering product information, presentations, videos, and live chat.

The virtual show won't broadcast every event and only offers access to a select group of exhibitors, so the only way to experience and access everything at SEMICON West is to attend in person. Virtual SEMICON West will, however, give access to international and non-local attendees who want to connect to content from the show but cannot physically attend the show..

Virtual SEMICON West will be open for three days of the live event and will remain available to view through August, allowing visitors additional time to access content from the show and connect with online exhibitors. Additional information on Virtual SEMICON West is available on the SEMICON West website at www.semiconwest.org/virtual.