Opto/LED Fab Watch Report Available

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New from SEMI: Opto/LED Fab Watch

San Jose, Calif. – November 3, 2009 – SEMI has released the newest in its line of fab database information products, the Opto/LED Fab Watch database. With the rise of eco-friendly or “green” lighting, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are now in the spotlight. While LEDs represent a more efficient lighting solution, the cost of implementing LEDs in general purpose lighting has been comparatively prohibitive. However, with the push from government regulations and on-going technology advancement, the adoption of LEDs in major lighting applications is expected to quickly rise in the coming years.

The exploding demand forecast has propelled LED chip manufacturers and also new players to invest in new facilities and to expand capacities. In SEMI’s latest new report— the Opto/LED Fab Watch— the database tracks and lists Optoelectronic and LED chip manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our data reveals key information on fab capacity, technology capability, location, products, wafer size, expansion plan, investment amount, and more. Currently, the report contains information on 168 Opto/LED fabs worldwide with 86 LED fabs and 82 opto-related fabs. The database shows Japan as having the largest number of Opto/LED fabs with a total of 42 facilities in this region. The regions with the most LED fabs are Taiwan (40%), Japan (23%) and China (22%).

While LED manufacturing has long employed 2-inch wafer substrates, SEMI’s Opto/LED Fab Watch shows that increasing numbers of LED fabs are adopting 4-inch wafer substrates and some have even migrated to 6-inch sapphire substrates. With the adoption of larger wafer size, LED manufacturers can further reduce cost and significantly expand capacity.

The Opto/LED Fab Watch database is the newest member of the SEMI suite of fab databases, which includes the World Fab Forecast, FabFutures, World Fab Watch, and the 300mm Fab Report. For additional information or to download a sample of this new database, please visit www.semi.org

SEMI is exploring ways to help support member needs for ongoing roadmap and cost information and other possible pre-competitive working groups. For more information, please visit the SEMI website to view “U.S. DOE Publishes Solid State Lighting Manufacturing Roadmap,” visit the SEMI Emerging Markets webpage, or contact Tom Morrow at tmorrow@semi.org.

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