Japan Regional Standards Committee Planning Meeting

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Japan Regional Standards Committee Planning Meeting 2009

Over the last decade, the (JRSC) has been conducting an annual Planning Meeting, attended by JRSC members (Technical Committee chairs and Members At Large), Task Force leaders, and other highly motivated SEMI Standards Program Members. In recent years, in addition to active discussion on intercommittee issues commonly shared by attendees, there have been several beneficial presentations by external experts on topics such as “Standardization as a Strategic Business Tool”, and “Benefits & Limitations of SDOs’ Patent Policies/Consideration on Anti-trust.” (Click to see the summaries of the 2007 and 2008 Planning Meetings).

In 2009, due to current economic conditions, the JRSC Planning Meeting will be held in a one-day-format along with the summer JRSC Business Meeting, on August 28 at the SEMI Japan office in Ichigaya, Tokyo. The main topic for the Planning Meeting will be “SEMI Standards activities during the industry downturn”. Both JRSC co-chairs, Mr. Makoto Yamamoto (Muratec) and Mr. Shigeru Kobayashi (Renesas Technology) will make presentations, followed by a group discussion.

Tentative Schedule

Date: Friday, August 28, 2009
Venue: SEMI Japan office


9:30-12:00 JRSC Meeting
12:00-14:00 Leadership Training (including Standards Regulations training)
14:30-18:30 Planning Meeting

  • Keynote from JRSC co-chair (Yamamoto-san)
    “SEMI Standards activities during the industry downturn”
  • Introduction to Discussion based on Keynote (Kobayashi-san)
  • Group Discussion
  • Q&A, Wrap-up

For more information on the Planning Meeting, or current Standardization activities in Japan, please contact Mr. Ken’ichiro Okuda, Manager, Japan Standards, at kokuda@semi.org.