SEMI PV Group Commends Taiwan Government on Passage of Renewable Energy Act

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SEMI PV Group Commends Taiwan Government on Passage of Renewable Energy Act

TAIPEI, Taiwan–June 23, 2009– The Taiwan PV Advisory Committee and SEMI PV Group commend the Taiwan Government on its swift passage of the Renewable Energy Act to increase the adoption of solar power in Taiwan. With the goal of making Taiwan the world’s third-largest producer of solar cells by 2015, SEMI Taiwan and its members have strongly pushed for a greater role for PV in the region’s renewable energy plan to boost development of the island’s green energy industries.

“On June 12, the Renewable Energy Act was successfully passed, ushering Taiwan into a new era of alternative energy development and related applications,” said Yeh Hui-ching, director of the MOEA Bureau of Energy. “Under the law, the government will provide incentives such as equipment purchase subsidies and low-interest loans to increase renewable energy generating capacity in Taiwan to between 6.5 million kilowatts and 10 million kilowatts.”

”We are happy to see that the government has shown strong commitment in passing the Renewable Energy Act during the current legislative session. Since these policies could give the industry a boost, companies are more willing to increase investment, building domestic demand and allowing for greater expansion globally, which will create more jobs in the process,” said Tsao. “SEMI pledges to continue bridging the gap between the government and industry, by relaying industry perspectives to the government.”

SEMI Taiwan has been a longtime advocate of the proliferation of PV technologies, and through its PV Group initiative is deeply involved in supporting its members across the PV supply chain through the development of PV-industry standards; Environmental, Health and Safety initiatives; market statistics, and global expositions. Taiwan PV Advisory Committee members include the CEOs of AUO, Chi-mei, E-Ton, Motech, Neo Solar Power, and Nexpower, among others.

In addition, the SEMI Taiwan PV Committee jointly drafted the "Taiwan Solar Energy Public Policy White Paper," and Tsai Chin-Yao chairman of the SEMI Taiwan PV Committee and CEO of Auriasolar acted as spokesperson to present the seven following suggestions:

1. Make imported components exempt from the commodity tax, duties, and other relevant taxes.

2. Provide low-interest project financing through financial institutions.

3. Introduce national standard certification.

4. Raise the feed-in price to at least NT 8 dollars per kw/h.

5. Require that solar energy companies comprise 1/3 of the Price Regulation Committee.

6. Expand resources from foundations.

7. Make donations of PV industry products tax-deductible or tax-exempt.

“PV manufacturers in Taiwan expect the government to help grow the industry by offering a range of tax incentives on imported parts and materials and funding support,” said Tsai Chin-Yao. ”We need officials to pay serious attention to this opportunity, and we are happy to have gained additional support from other legislators and associations who have joined us to both support and accelerate this agenda.”After the Act had been passed, he forcast that the enactment of the statute will spark investment of NT$30 billion in Taiwan's renewable energy sector within one year. The investment could create up to 10,000 jobs and generate NT$100 billion in revenues within one to two years, he added.

The currently-approved plan is backed by a five-year budget of NT$20 billion (US$597 million), which is specifically dedicated toward investment in the research and development of green energy technologies, and is expected to, in turn, generate NT$200 billion (US$5.97 billion) in private investments for the industry. In addition, it will also provide NT$25 billion (US$746 million) to promote the installation of green energy or energy-saving equipment or systems, as was indicated by the Executive Yuan.

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