SEMI Announces Finalists for the SEMICON West 2009 Sustainable Technologies Award

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SEMI Announces Finalists for the SEMICON West 2009 Sustainable Technologies Award

SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 23, 2009 – SEMI today announced finalists for the SEMICON West 2009 Sustainable Technologies Award. The award, which is debuting this year, recognizes SEMICON West 2009 exhibitors who have developed and introduced equipment, materials or services into the marketplace that contribute to sustainable improvement of the environment.

The Sustainable Technologies Award was open to any SEMICON West 2009 exhibitor, and entries could be for equipment, materials or services introduced into the market within the last three years. Entrants were required to demonstrate how their equipment, material or service is a sustainable technology by fully addressing award criteria.

Four finalists have been selected for final consideration. Final judging will be done by a panel of EHS experts after the conclusion of SEMICON West, and the winner will be announced in August.

The four finalists are:

  • Confluense, LLC, for their sustainable technology: “CMP Pad Surface Manager”. The CMP Pad Surface Manager reduces CMP consumables usage through in-situ monitoring and cleaning of the pad surface. This results in a 50% reduction of CMP ultra pure water and 50% reduction of CMP solids. It also facilitates separation of waste streams by slurry concentration to reduce slurry waste treatment and DI water recycling costs.
  • Semitool, Inc., for their sustainable technology: “AOM Replacement of Sulfuric-Based Wet Cleans”. This technology is a post ash clean process which uses ultra dilute ammonia liquid in conjunction with ozone gas. It replaces sulfuric-peroxide and ammonia-peroxide clean steps which reduces sulfate containing waste water emissions. The reduction of sulfuric acid use in a typical fab could potentially be thousands of gallons per year, and the reduction of deionized water use could potentially be millions of gallons per year.
  • DISCO Corporation, for their sustainable technology: “DWR1720”. The DWR1720 is a water recycling unit that recirculates and filters water from dicing saws with the additional capability to generate deionized water. This technology reduces the 1-3 gallons per minute of waste water typically sent to the drain from a dicing saw by 99.8%. Additionally, a specially designed filter traps cutting debris for potential reclaim of GaAs, lead, copper, zinc and other materials. Finally, power consumption is reduced versus other deionized water recycling units with water temperature control units (2.5kW versus 6.8kW).
  • Applied Materials, Inc., for their sustainable technology: “Opus High Productivity Metal Etch System”. The Opus High Productivity Metal Etch System is a new metal etch system based on established etch chambers and a modification to an existing Centura platform. The platform architecture balances the output of the process chambers leading to a throughput increase of 50% with a corresponding increase in energy consumption of only 28%. The result is a decrease in energy use per wafer pass which results in an annual energy savings of approximately 121.4MWh (per SEMI S23), or a 13.5% energy savings. In addition, the Opus High Productivity Metal Etch System reduces the amount of water consumed for cooling.

Representatives from each of the four finalist companies will be recognized at the EHS Global Care Initiative executive luncheon at SEMICON West 2009, and will be presented with a plaque to commemorate their achievement.

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