Roy Blunt Honored with SEMI Europe Standards Honor Award 2008

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Brussels, Belgium–7 October 2008– Roy Blunt, Special Projects manager at IQE, is the 2008 recipient of the SEMI Europe Standards Honor Award for establishing the SEMI Europe Standards Compound Technical Committee and his contribution to the development of Compound related standards and guidelines. The award was presented at the SEMI Executive Summit at SEMICON Europa in Stuttgart, Germany.

SEMI Europe Standards Honor Award given to Roy Blunt for his outstanding support to the standards program over the past decade.

Blunt, working in conjunction with Wolfgang Jantz, established the SEMI European Standards Compound Committee in 1998. Prior to that, he was actively involved with the association since the early 1980s, when he worked on magnetic bubble memories and attended a SEMI GGG (Gadolinium Gallium Garnet) committee meeting at one of the big magnetics conferences in the USA.

As co-chair of the SEMI European Standards Compound Committee he led several task forces and contributed to the development of several other standards on both a European and international level.

“Mr. Blunt was presented the Honor Award for his long-standing dedication and to the advancement of SEMI Standards,” said Heinz Kundert, president of SEMI Europe. “SEMI would like to express its gratitude for his unselfish contributions, perseverance, commitment and enthusiasm toward the SEMI International Standards Program, and the overall success of our industry.”

The SEMI International Standards program has long provided a mechanism for industry experts to develop key standards for equipment and materials used in semiconductor factories. Standards are required to achieve commonality, decrease manufacturing costs, increase reliability and productivity, reduce rework, and facilitate access to global markets.

Involvement in the standards development process helps participants to influence important industry trends and remain competitive. The SEMI Standards development program facilitates valuable pre-competitive technology discussions, and the work conducted in developing these consensus specifications is vital to the health and development of the semiconductor manufacturing and related industries.

“The Standards program is a success thanks to commitments by several thousand of individuals assigned by their companies that represent all sectors of the industry, across all regions of the world,” said Kundert. “To every volunteer, and to their management – SEMI expresses its appreciation for their efforts, contribution and dedication.”

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